Male masseur


Julian (Ad)

Unfortunately, Julian is not serving any more.m We wish him the best of good luck in his new adventures!

We will keep his description here just in case he decides to come bak sometime!

Julian is not the best erotic masseur, to be honest from the start. But his talents, his humble and caring attitude break many a heart every week. Julian is this 45 years young daddy, absolutely flawless, with an amazing smooth and warm skin.

Another relevant fact is his endowment, much longer and thicker than you could possibly wish.

Julian means the unique experience in sexual communication. He is very expert, intuitive and caring. Besides he does have this magic of the unforgettable lover. Many a guy falls under his tender spell every week.

Passionate, sweet, caring and extremely sexy are just the few first assets you will discover. During the session with him you will abandon yourself to the perfect choreography of sex and love. Something you will feel addicted to.

Please be smart and call to book Julian ahead of time! He is the new guy in town these days so many local clients want to try him!

Please have in mind his services go far beyond erotic massage, so he has a different hour fee.

Please contact to request a session with him.

Julian’s basic therapy is the 45 minutes interactive tantric massage.

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Julian is also in high demand for his passionate and romanic boyfriend experience. Spend a full weekend of love and sex with this passionate dad!

For the time being he is only available during the weekends though. Many international clients would love to takin him for a roundtrip across Europe, a service he will probably offer after Easter 2021 due to European traveling restrictions.

You can meet masseurs, but Julian is a whole new dimension!