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Gustavo (Ad)

You don’t need to be Brazilian to have a body like Gustavo’s. But you need to have the amazing training he has in Reiki, Shiatsu and Tantra massage to deliver such a blissful experience as he does!

Gustavo is not just young and professional, he seduces you with his calm and almost shy attitude, though always warm, confident and welcoming. No pressure, just pleasure!

On top of all this, see his sculptural body! Usually guys like Gustavo are more on the escort side, but he’s not —and doesn’t want to be— so let’s point out this fact from the start! Gustavo’s approach to life is very spiritual and serene though extremely sensual as well.

You are free to ask him for a combination of Reiki, Shiatsu and erotic Tantric massage. The longer the session, the more amazing your bliss. Some guys say they achieved a sort of trance. Not just because of Stendhal Syndrome by looking at him, but as a result of his amazing performance!

Please feel free to include the erotic shower in your session. This means additional 15 minutes of session, but the ending is worth it! Don’t forget to ask about the specific fees!

Gustavo’s clients value especially his polite and nice attitude, his sensible behaviour and his sweet yet confident and masculine approach to sensuality.

His basic therapy is the 200 € Interactive Tantric massage of one hour. In order to enjoy several of his massage talents, you’ll be much wiser to request his 90 minutes session! With Gustavo time flies —at a much higher speed!

Please feel free to visit him at our gay massage studio as well! Gustavo is also serving out-call to hotels in Barcelona and Sitges.

Finally, Gustavo is 29 and 1,74 m tall. He weighs 83 Kg of pure muscle and is really well endowed! As much that you’ll request some extras he also offers, like practising oral on him.

Please contact us to find out his available time slots!

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