Masseur or gigolo

Masseur or gigolo

Masseur or gigolo

In this post and the next one to follow in a couple of days I’ll be speaking about what it means to be an erotic masseur and an escort. Masseur or gigolo. Is it really a doubt?

First off I need to tell you that I am absolutely “out the closet” about my job as an erotic Tantric masseur. My friends, my family and everyone who asks me about my work get the truth as an answer. Always! I don’t hide anymore because I am proud. On all my pictures I show my face and my whole body. You can also visit my photo gallery on

Oftentimes I am being asked “how far do you go” and “it must be tough to be a prostitute“. It is obvious that the red lines between both jobs are confusing to many people.

Or is the concept of sex as blurred as this?

I always say I am very proud about my job. If I was a gigolo I’d probably be as proud as well. But I’m not …by now! Nothing against being a gigolo, but I don’t have the right profile and I lack many of the skills needed to excel on being an escort. I prefer to be an excellent masseur even if this is falling short to many a customer who’d like to turn me into an escort even if it’s just for a while.

Masseur or gigolo

To most of my customers though I just have the right job. Erotic massage is what they wish —and what they get with me. Just check my reviews and you’ll se what I mean:

So this post is about the differences between the jobs of a gigolo and an erotic masseur. I think this is a relevant subject because there is some blurry area between both jobs.

After all both jobs, erotic masseur or gigolo, share the fact to be bodyworks that can get very intimate. The customer is usually naked. The gigolo is always naked, and the masseur is nude only on specific occasions.

I don’t think we need to define or describe here again what a gigolo is doing and what a masseur is. They are two different words to describe two different jobs.

Let’s just focus on the differences between them.

Naked bodywork

Both jobs share the fact that being naked means it is an extremely intimate contact between two men. Gigolos are always naked. Erotic masseurs as me are offering different massage menus, and we are not performing all the massage protocols always naked. I only get totally naked when the customer chooses the “Extremely Erotic Massage”, which achieves the maximum erotic intensity a masseur can give. Relaxing massages or Prostate massages without interaction have different prices and don’t need me to be naked to deliver that specific erotic intensity.

Touching dick

To a gigolo it is absolutely normal that the customer is allowed to touch his penis. In fact gigolo’s customers expect the gigolo to be excited and have a hard-on. This is the starting point to engage in conventional sex.

A massage is a body therapy that creates two different roles: the giver (masseur) and the receiver (customer). Men who desire a massage wish to be treated without having to do anything at all. The receiver of a massage lays down and lets the masseur work on all his body. The pleasure is about receiving the pleasure.

Sometimes customers achieve a really high sexual excitement. So beyond limits. Then they ask to touch and massage the masseur. Longer massage sessions allow enough time to reverse our roles for a little while.

Viagra massage

Touching dick

Red lines of massage

While the masseur and his customer can share this very special intimacy of being naked together, masseurs usually don’t allow oral sex nor penetration. To most of my customers feel vey comfortable just being naked together with me. Though without feeling pushed to perform oral sex nor penetration. The key to the enjoyment is the mutual presence, the fact of feeling at ease with each other. So with no pressure on what to do about sex. Just sharing complicity and building up step by step an exciting moment. This is what massage customers are seeking to enjoy.

Real massage with the spicy approach to share some intimacy. Erotic massage is much about the masseur’s attitude: sexy and tolerant towards sexual excitement.

As a masseur, I don’t offer conventional sex because I set the limits here. Otherwise I’d know I have a different job and some different rates. I also share with my customers the preference of a well performed massage bodywork that takes at least one full hour of time.

Masseurs who do allow these practices are under cover prostitutes, using the name “masseur” to hide their real job. They might be hiding some other stuff as well. And they usually are not interested in massage.

Because massage is exhausting, it is a physical work that requires effort, concentration, some professional training. So it means knowing skills on many aspects of massage and human skin communication.

Next post: the blending

Next post is going to round up the end of these differences though. I will also explain how far I can go in an erotic massage. The gap between gigolo and masseur is too deep not to offer a really sexy blend of massage and sex.

These are the points:

  • 1. Time and sessions.
  • 2. Customers’ expectations.
  • 3. Gigolos do also have limits
  • 4. Gigolo and masseur.
  • 5. Your choice.

Read the next post now! Gigolo and masseur

See you soon in Barcelona!

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