Massage wishlist

Massage wishlist

Massage wishlist

Massage wishlist is just what many gay men are thinking to decide on. Usually before requesting the service. Though sometimes the masseur can also suggest som interesting features!

Are you wondering about having a gay massage in Barcelona?

So it’s about time to check if I can include all you fancy to enjoy!

Or maybe time to suggest what you are dreaming of!

As you guess, my erotic tantric massages are much more than just a therapy massage.

Massage wishlist

After so many years of serving erotic massages to gay men I’m used to all kind of requests. I can also adapt to many “new” or “different” requests though. Believe me there is no request left to feel weird anymore!

Sometimes these customers have contacted me in a cautious tone. Because they are aware some requests fall out of the most common stuff. I’m not surprised though. Fetish massage requests of all sorts are usual! You’ll read more about this is you follow along this post.

Sensual massage wishlist

Erotic massage is not the regular therapy gig. Because you lay down on a massage table and after some deep strokes you get finished with a cold masturbation. Just an addition to the massage, though not as a part of the bodywork.

“You have been sexy from the start. You did not just perform whatever massage and then jerk me off. This has been really hot from the beginning off. Excellent!”

Because the bodywork as I understand it is about melting the massage and the sensuality. So the result is this new massage style.

Massage wishlist items

More and more customers are calling me and asking for very specific massage grips and practices.

Among many many more! So please feel free to contact me and express whatever you fancy. I can adapt to many a special request.

Your wishlist come true

“Finally I found exactly the kind of massage experience I always wanted to have”.

It is always relevant that we speak though. I don’t mind having a previous conversation. That is if you really need to make sure everything is going to work just the way you wish.

Wishlist 2020

Every time we enter a new year we somehow update our wishlist.

You maybe added some new items top your intimate wishlist. Private desires are also worth living up. Erotic fantasies deserve to be realised because they bring satisfaction. And satisfaction gives you balance.

Book your gay massage in Barcelona

It is as easy as contacting me. The best way is always the phone. Thou are also welcomed to send me an SMS or a whatsApp message.

These are all the ways you can get in touch with me. Also if you wish to meet any of the advertisers!

There is much more to explore though:

See you soon in Barcelona!

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