Massage versus virus using the new tricks to kill any chance of contagion

Massage versus virus

Massage versus virus using the new tricks to kill any chance of contagion

Massage versus virus: these are the updates since the outbreak of the covid-19 worldwide pandemic crisis in March 2020. No, more than one year after, we want to go on being be safe at all times, putting you first always. And a way for you to stay safe is also us being safe and extremely cautious —not only in our professional life, but always.

Did you know our service is 1,000 times safer than visiting a supermarket? Or 10,000 times safer than flying in a plane?

In this post we are describing the way we are dealing to fight and prevent the spread of coronavirus. Also about what is the current situation in Barcelona.

Of course we are looking forward for all this to be completely over as soon as possible!

Check all the new sanitary measures we are implementing. In addition to all the previous hygienic protocols we are already using since 2003! Please check hygienic precautions.

How do we face this situation?

I must stress the fact that my partner is a doctor, so I am aware of the best health and hygiene practices since 2010, not just recently. Consequently not only concerning coronavirus, but all necessary sanitary preventions.

Fortunately, some of my clients are also doctors. And different opinions are always better than just one! You bet I listen to all of them.

Since the start of this health crisis —we already felt the threatening in December 2019— we have been watching closely the evolution of this pandemic. Though also foreseeing and taking daily decisions. The reason is as simple as the coronavirus is extremely contagious. As you know, you don’t even need to have any sort of sensual intimacy.

We take everything seriously. Your health goes first. Always. As ours.

Learn all the daily —almost constant— precautions we are taking in our gay massage studio. From towels to one-use paper sheets and slippers.

Some clients are asking us what the real dangers are. In this post we explain how risky it is to combine cruising and coronavirus compared to our professional service.

What are we doing?

February, 2022

All of the exclusive masseurs are receiving the third vaccine or “boost”. All of the available masseurs are healthy, fit and full of energy!

July, 5, 2021

All masseurs are healthy and in great shape! Most of us already got the first and the second vaccine shot. Even though the mood is quite relaxing, we still use all the sanitary and health precautions to protect ourselves and the clients.

June, 1, 2021

Paco is the only masseur who already received the vaccine —Moderna, for more details. In the next weeks Benito, Leo, Jorge and Luca are also going to receive their first shot.

During these last months we have served mostly doctors, sanitary staff and seniors —already vaccinated and immune— of all origins, both local and international.

With us you are always safe!

April, 1, 2021

Paco and all of the exclusive gay masseurs are in perfect health, all of us recently tested negative. Some of the professional masseurs are having some short holidays with their families. Please contact us to ask who is still available!

January, 30, 2021

Paco and all of the exclusive masseurs working with him are healthy and tested negative. Since we reopened back in June we are keeping all the precautions, and it really works! We learn new tricks and use new products and systems every day. With us you are safe.

September, 13, 2020

All the masseurs working with us are healthy and ok and ready to work. For the first time we run the machine that turns the air into Ozone to kill bacteria and of course viruses in the studio, along with insects. After this process we ventilate the studio with fresh air.

July, 27

Paco’s is having more and more requests, so he is less available for last minute calls. He can only serve clients by previous day or week appointment. Our safety measures are gaining most trust in Barcelona. We suggest you check all the exclusive gay masseurs for more interesting choices!

July, 25

We have talked to an epidemiologist and he told us that our service is much safer than visiting a supermarket or socialising. Be safe and minimise your risks!

July, 17

Barcelona’s mayor Ada Colau and the Catalan Government have decided on a soft lockdown in Barcelona. It is not a lockdown, though some recommendations to restrict mobility and social life. This time it is on the basis of self responsibility. The reason is some peripheral areas —far from the city center where we are— are showing some small outbreaks in virus transmission.

All of the masseurs as Paco and the advertising professionals on this website are al safe and healthy.

July, 15

It is funny how recently most of or clients are doctors and nurses. They state that they are very stressed and are in need of some relaxation. They also need to switch their focus away from the job and the worries.

The most interesting aspect of serving so many doctors and sanitary professionals is how safe they feel with us.

June, 20

Aaron joined our team in Dénia during this last week. Every¡thing is ok!

June, 14

We have served many regular clients and new clients during this past week. All of them are grateful about seeing how seriously we take all the precautions. They feel safe and this way they are able to get the most out of our amazing massages!

All the masseurs advertising in our team are in great health conditions!

May 7

From today on we also have an infra-red thermometer at our studio. You are welcomed to check your masseur’s temperature, and yourself as well!

Coronavirus precautions infrared thermometer
Gay massage Coronavirus precautions infrared thermometer
Infrared thermometer
Infrared thermometer for gay masseurs and clients

May 4

From today on, all shops smaller that 400 square meters are allowed to open by law. Our studio is included in this category. Please note it is relevant to make your appointment at least 2 hours ahead of time. Because availability and also because after each visit we fully clean the whole studio.

May 1

Leo, Jorge and Luca are available. Please note it is relevant to make your appointment at least 2 hours ahead of time.

April 24

We found some new products and tricks to disinfect surfaces as the bathroom in our studio. We will also discuss personally with each client the level of protection he wants. Until this day only Leo has given a massage. After a week he doesn’t have any symptoms.

April 14

Until this day we have been under lockdown. Either Paco or any of the exclusive gay masseurs has had any sort of symptom. The Spanish Government has lifted the lockdown to certain industries. Ours is not included.

March 27

We decide to share these updates. As for today, Paco and all of the exclusive masseurs are absolutely healthy and asymptomatic.

March 23

Many clients are pressing us to offer cam-2-cam shows. Please contact us for updates.

March 19

Following the requests of many international clients and Twitter followers, Paco starts sharing some erotic stories about our gay massage service.

March 16

Spain declares “Estado de Alerta”. The first of a 3 levels of emergency states foreseen in the Spanish Constitution.

Massage versus virus

March 13

Spain’s Primer Minister Pedro Sánchez announces a sort of soft lockdown for Spain for the next days. Paco and all of the advertisers are not infected and asymptomatic. Nevertheless, we want to help with the lockdown and give some responsible example.

March 12

We decide to voluntarily lockdown ourselves. Following Paco’s decision, all the masseurs advertising with us decide not to serve any more clients for the time being. I will not charge any advertising fee to the masseurs while the crisis in on.

March 11

The WHO declares covid-19 a global pandemic.

March 10

Paco thinks about taking hard decisions. The goal is, as always, protecting each and every client first, of course including all the masseurs.

March 9

We serve our last client before thinking about lockdown.

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