Find the best Massage under 200 €

Find the best Massage under 200 €

Massage under 200 €: find the sexiest gay Tantra massage in Barcelona! Also feel free to choose to have it in your hotel room or in my studio.

Of course you can also choose among many different male masseurs!

Massage under 200 €

I have been working in Manhattan, New York. All the customers I served there, both as in-call and as outcall were very happy about my prices. Most of them told me:

“I am so glad your 200 fees are for one full hour and not just 30 minutes!”

Back then the exchange rate between US Dollar and Euro was close to one to one. We all know it varies overtime though.

Gay massage under 200 €

I can also offer you different massage therapies, also for less than 200 €. One of them is even a naked massage!

  • 45 minutes naked massage: 150 €
  • 60 minutes prostate massage: 150 €
  • 60 minutes relaxing massage: 120 €

This way your choices are even broader. Because not all men want me to be naked. Not all customers need to touch me as well. This is the precisely ideal condition for the relaxing massage, which is the receiving massage on your side.

Outcall massage

I respect the same prices also for massage outcalls in Barcelona. Yes, taxis and transport are on me!

So you can use this special benefit to save money and time. Besides the convenient fact that you don’t need to move from your hotel room!

I will also travel to wherever you are in Barcelona city. Since I am serving hotels on a daily basis. There is no problem at all. After years in this industry I know very well all the best hotels in the city.

“I thought this was not allowed”

But it is in Spain. Of course you don’t need to share this information with the hotel. Because some hotels have an in-house massage service and they don’t see visiting masseurs with good eyes.

But you are still free to choose your masseur according to you preferences. Because to many men the in-house masseurs are absolutely un-attractive. Besides not performing any sensual therapy at all!

I can serve you at your hotel anytime 24 hours from Monday to Sunday.

Please call me even if it is a short notice or last minute call. Sometimes I’m available and sometimes I’m not. So don’t risk it!

Contact me!

In-call massage under 200 €

I can also welcome you at my gay massage studio in the city center. Call me to set up our session. Also anytime 24 hours from Monday to Sunday.

Is my location relevant? Absolutely! I am located in the very city center, close to Sagrada Família and Park Güell. Call me for precise directions to get to my place.

It is a professional massage center, so not my residence. And of course it is an absolutely discrete place. Not known for any gay stuff. Clean, with a clean scent and fresh air, and the perfect atmosphere for this blissful bodywork!

Contact me!

Erotic Tantra massage

You will possibly find more expensive and less expensive massages in Barcelona —and wherever around the world.

Check my prices. They are universal. I am serving customers from around the world, from all origins, cultures and religions. Also customers from different income levels.

This means my prices are fair. The most important though is the massage quality you want to enjoy.

Book your massage

Call me now or snd me an SMS. I also accept and schedule appointments ahead of time. Next week, next month etc.

Contact me!

Explore my website and find interesting ideas about new massage styles and fetish massage!

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