The tricky Massage under 100 €

The tricky Massage under 100 €

Massage under 100 € is for example excellent for students. Also because not everybody has the need to enjoy a full fledged tantric massage experience!

Because I know not everybody is seeking the same kind of sensual experience in a massage. For many guys the quick release is more relevant the the actual bodywork.

Massage under 100 €

Though I’m used to offer some very elaborate erotic massage sessions. Like for 90 minutes… and also 2 hours!

There is a huge demand of gay guys who need a quick release. So without all the usual and extremely elaborate fore-play. Also without the thorough full range of erotic grips.

Gentlemen who need the full range of erotic techniques, the deepest connection level of course choose my best massage sessions. Like the 90 minutes naked massage.

Again, many guys who are short on money are also short on expectations. So they do have enough with a less elaborate massage.

Reasons for a massage under 100 €

I am usually talking to many guys that phone me to ask for information. So I know all these facts first hand.

  • No time
  • No budget
  • Need for a quick release
  • Students
  • Low cost customers
  • Last minute call

Consequently many of these guys end up visiting really tacky places. Of course they prefer visiting a nicely decorated gay massage studio in Barcelona city center! So having everything you need can be difficult sometimes!

“I am heading back to the airport. I only have a short time before the car is picking me up. So I need a quick massage with a quick release”.

This guys wasn’t requesting the full hour naked massage. So I came up with a better price. He was really grateful since I was able to adapt to him!

Gay massage under 100 €

Gay men have the same problems as all other men though. So no matter if straight or bisensual.

Tight schedules, stress, business meetings. You name it!

So you need some nice release before you can go on with your life.

This is where a quick releasing massage comes in very handy!

Massage under 100 €: options

You can also choose among different options. It all depends on how far and how long we want to go.

Call me and let’s decide what’s best for you!

Paco: contact me!

In-call massage under 100 €

I have my own gay massage studio right in the city center. Come and visit me! Please call me first to set up the meeting:

  • Immediately
  • Plan ahead

It all depends on my previous reservations though!

Out-call massage under 100 €

Yes, I can also visit you to your hotel room! For the same price!

Outcall massage means you want to stay in your hotel room. So I will be traveling to you, bringing along everything we need for the massage.

Make your mind up and call me!

Paco: contact me!

See you soon in Barcelona!

Benito is not offering the same range of massage though!

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