Massage trends

Massage trends

Massage trends

Massage trends are a subject some customers are asking me about. They go:

“Is massage always the same? Do you also have like new ideas, or new massage styles?”

Sure! We constantly read about new techniques, new practises and also new demands from the customers themselves!

Exactly like in the professional industries like design, cuisine, architecture, gardening and decoration. Massage also sees some new trends.

Some of them are the result of new requests that the customers are showing. While some others are just new styles developed by the industry. Will they be accepted by the consumers?

I cal tell you customers never stop changing in their needs and preferences. Though there are some coincidences among them. And that’s when you can identify a consumer trend.

Not only do I listen to them. I also react by studying some new options. I then test in on customers who are open to try new massage oils, for instance.

2018 massage trends

So why do I speak about trends? You guessed it! My goal is serving better and better m4m massage experiences.

During my life I have performed thousands of massages. Sometimes you can easily put a man into a group. Most of the times though individual preferences are extremely unique. There are personal requests you will not see again —ever.

This is not a special effort to me though! I honestly enjoy the unique aspects of each and every customer visiting!

Gay massage trends

Some say gay men are the trendiest men. Because gay men travel around the world. We see many new things, we are also interested in new points of view.

So no surprise we are the first social segment to adopt new styles and new trends.

Most of the times new trends come from us, the gay community. Literally!

Trend 1: spontaneity

Gay men value the natural approach and the familiar attitude. Greeting a new customer as if we met before makes everything really smooth. Call it low key, easy going or just being friendly.

That’s the easiest way to enjoy a wonderful massage!

“As you open the door you feel like an old friend. Everything with you feels absolutely natural!”

Trend 2: new scents

The massage oils and perfume industries are launching new scents and textures. I usually try them. And I buy the ones i feel most appealing.

Almond massage oil is now a bit “passé”. Let’s try new scents!

“I am a big fan of perfumes. You let me choose among a variety of scents. That’s a really nice option I seldom got from erotic masseurs”.

Trend 3: new ambiance

Do you like gay massage studios that look like nurseries? Most of my customers hate those “cold” massage boxes. Because you can have a cozy place that is also clean!

Since erotic massage is a different service, it needs some specific decoration. So I took my time and my budget to create a very personal space. It feels intimate and very personal.

  • Intimate atmosphere
  • Personal decoration style
  • Larger space
  • Have a drink?

Tantric massage is a wonderful experience by itself. But you can make it even more interesting and unique if you enjoy some additional treats. Like sharing a drink.

Ask me about the options!

Trend 4: the barber shop

Many gentlemen are used to chit chat during the massage. Some tantric masseurs think this is not appropriate, or not helping the intimacy. I believe it is though! Because these men are able to enjoy intimacy on several levels at the same time. During the session they get verbal, and that’s sexually exciting to them.

Trend 5: the life coach

More and more guys need to share very intimate thoughts. Not only thoughts but extremely deep questions about their personal developing. In both private and professional lives.

Being able to listen is just the first step to give some help.

“I know that everything I’m telling you here stays here. I never dared to speak about this. Since you don’t know anybody in my family circle I feel free to talk because you make me feel safe”.

If you wish to stress the coaching fact besides massage let me suggest you have a session with Jack. Jack is a professional coach. Of course he charges coaching time separately from his massage sessions.

Trend 6: free to choose

Even though many guys see me as a signature masseur, I understand that choosing your physical profile is a legitimate preference. Some guys don’t like hairy daddy masseurs. Because some guys prefer young gay masseurs. Since 2012 I can also offer you many more masseur options to choose from.

More massage trends to come

Though all these is meaningless if your masseur is not reliable. These are some relevant aspects you need to have in mind before choosing your gay masseur in Barcelona:

These are some assets my customers from around the world also do care a lot about.

If all these is appealing to you, I’m probably your best choice as a masseur in Barcelona.

Try my naked massage or my Fusion Tantra massage!

Find out even more by visiting

Or call me so we can talk: +34 676 648 226: Paco

See you soon in Barcelona!

If you are thinking of an even more intimate experience please check Matt.

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