New massage styles by Paco

New massage styles by Paco

New massage styles are the result of the permanent communication between me and my customers.

Because sometimes a specific massage session is resulting in new ideas. New needs, new suggestions hence new ways to perform a massage come up frequently. Even new kinds of gay massage services are born while speaking to my customers and friends.

The reason for this post is not giving a list of these new needs from the customers. Not even to justify them prior to any personal judgement. Furthermore it is a job about explaining how easy it is to adapt and follow new wishes from the customers.

Because knowing about them is the first step to adapt and achieve the sin to skin communication. And that’s what they need and treasure the most.

As a result these are some of the new massage styles I have developed. Precisely to custom-taylor the service to certain customers.

  1. The inverted massage
  2. The broker garage-massage
  3. The secret but public massage
  4. The gym-massage

So now let’s get to the description of them.

They are certainly gay massages as well!

Massage styles: Inverse massage

1. One of my frequent customers and friends is really fast when it comes to shoot. A very simple stimulation, before even touching his buttocks or inner side of the legs. This makes him climax in the blinking of an eye. Needless to say he did want to enjoy a much longer session!

After a certain amount of sessions he came to a conclusion. He said that what made him ejaculate too soon was his position, lying on his chest.

So we have done a couple of massage sessions starting with him face up. A different problem cam up, since he could see me and get aroused by watching my hairy chest. I also had to be very careful not to stimulate him too close to his testicles or inner leg sides.

This way we discovered the inverse massage. Namely starting face up and leaving for the end the hottest grips between his legs from the back.

Massage styles

Massage styles

Massage styles: Broker massage

2. This broker is a really stressed guy. Every time he calls he needs a massage very fast. He is giving me barely 10-15 minutes to get to the appointment spot. He once asked me to “come to my garage”. At first I though he was taking me somewhere else. Though he really meant to have the massage right there.

We found out that the risk of being caught was exciting him beyond limits. The most difficult part of this massage was avoiding his climax to come too son. If somebody had had the chance to record this session in a video we’d see an amazing massage. So extremely sexy, daring, hot and passionate. But don’t get me wrong: it was a massage after all.

This broker is so happy with this trick that he is asking for massage even more frequently than before. We finally found the therapy the most satisfying to him.

I hope this information has been useful to you. In my next post we are going to speak about the other two massage styles: public massage and gym-massage.

In the meantime please check my other fetish massage styles on

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