Massage perfectionist

Massage perfectionist

Massage perfectionist

It is not easy being a massage perfectionist. It is also not easy finding a masseur who is a perfectionist either!

You already know how it feels when the guy is not delivering the massage you wanted.

Let’s talk though about the professional point of view for the time being.

How do you become en excellent masseur?

Professional training

As you guess, it is not easy to get there. Constant training and experimenting, constantly wishing to improve many aspects on massage. As a massage perfectionist I am always focused on delivering the best experience for my customer.

While what I consider a perfect massage might feel boring to some customers. Because many customers value spontaneity. So taking the massage to where the customer wants it to go needs some experience!

I am also aware that every man has some different expectations about what he’d like to experience during an erotic man on man massage.

“You have a very special and unique talent to guess what feels exciting to me. You are one in a million, Paco!”

It is not just one customer telling me this though. I guess I have the ability for intuition. Or call it experience! Because I am always focused on what I can feel from your body reactions. Your body, your breathing, your groaning tell me a lot about you. I “listen” to you.

“You have been there each and every second. Your work is awesome, not just a protocol”.

Perfect massage

As a massage perfectionist I believe there are countless perfect massages, each man has his personal and unique desires and ideas about how his perfect erotic massage should feel like.

Finally, delivering this perfect massage for you is my goal.

Massage perfectionist

So if you are a massage perfectionist I’m your masseur. Matt, Jack and Tyson are as well!

We can speak about your perfect massage session prior to the start and discuss many details. Or you can trust me not telling me anything and see if I really am able to guess what feels sexier to you.

The perfect massage is not only perfect technique though. It is much more. It is delivering the right amount of sweetness, sexy grips, and the right pace to follow your desire.

To me the perfect massage is the personal balance of sensuality and technique. Though each and every man sees this balance in a different way.

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