The best of massage on rainy days is the intimate atmosphere

The best of massage on rainy days is the intimate atmosphere

Do you also feel that rainy days have this special mood? Gloomy, melancholic. So a Gay massage on rainy days might be a weird chose. Though a smart one. Because it is a way to balance sadness with a high dose of joy and satisfaction!

There is not much more to do in Barcelona if you don’t like to get wet walking on the streets. Check this post and see if a tender and erotic massage is what you fancy today.

Massage on rainy days

Yes, right today, under this rain, you will be able te enjoy the intimate atmosphere of a very special massage. In the candle light and with the sound of rain outside. It’s not too late to indulge to some deeply pleasing bodywork!

The effects of rain

The sunlight and blue skies are always inviting to have a way and visit places. Like hang out and sit on a terrace to have a coffee. Since the sunlight, Spring and Summer are the most joyful stuff in life.

But many customers —and myself— tell me they feel especially sad and bored on rainy days. Because Harvest and Winter can be rainy, sad and lonely.

Today is the kind of days you’ll prefer to stay home though. Read a book, watch a movie or just have a tea home alone. Your mind will be playing games with you. Memories from the past, thoughts about what could have been.

Is life just about the past? What about today? What about the futre?

Life is passing in front of us. Since we can’t stop the passing time. So not even a rainy day is able to stop the clock.

Gay massage on rainy days

Suddenly you decide it’s time to have this special massage. it is not just a massage but a new experience. It is some adventurous experiment with yourself. Also with the sexy fact of visiting a gay masseur who will share some intimacy with you.

And from now on I can’t go on writing. It is your turn to act and decide where your life is going.

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See you under the rain?

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