Massage male Barcelona is the new service combination for success

Massage male Barcelona

Massage male Barcelona is the new service combination for success

Massage male Barcelona is a very sought after concept. Because male masseurs, no matter their sensual or emotional preferences, are in trend these days!

What can we do to please you?

Massage male Barcelona

There is a huge number of female masseuses in Barcelona. They are offering all sorts of therapies, from legitimate to erotic bodywork.

Though when it comes to male masseurs, the number gets really reduced to a few. And also the quality of their job! Because many of them are plain impostors seeking to make some quick money.

Since ours is the real quality service, all the therapists advertising on this website are true professional masseurs. Gay massage is their main job, so their are not just trained but also share the calling for this specific industry.

Paco started this website in 2010, and you can say he is the most expert male masseur in Barcelona. Not only because his amazing experience, but also because he has served literally thousands of clients from the whole world —all sorts of men, all sorts of requests.

Paco’s percentage of recurring clients is the highest you will ever find on a male masseur.

Putting up massage male Barcelona

Though personal preferences as as varied as individual tastes! At some point Paco discovered two facts:

  • Not all clients like him
  • Many masseurs wanted to join him

So he put together the two facts and started offering many other male masseurs to his clients. Paco has personally met and interviewed all of these professional masseurs. He can tell very quickly who likes this job, who’s talented and who will have the consistency and the reliability to serve the most demanding clients. Sometimes a test massage was needed to check the talents of the candidates. Some others though didn’t make it. Because Paco takes very seriously all the aspects of customer service.

  • Talent
  • Politeness
  • Honesty
  • Languages
  • Reliability

Most of the masseurs are still working with him, after more than 6 years. This means a lot to all the team and the clients!

This is what Leo says:

Its really amazing to be in this team! I love the way Paco leads us and how he worries about meeting all the clients’ but also the masseur’s interests! I feel understood and professionally promoted by him!

Choose among many masseurs

This is the listing where you will find all the exclusive male masseurs in Barcelona. Not just some recent pictures, but also true descriptions about the peculiar facts of each of these professionals.

In case you want to meet the owner of this website, check Paco.

For those who wish to have an even more precise feeling about what to expect, we suggest you check the testimonials.

We will also talk about the very special masseurs helping us in Madrid, Sitges and many other cities!

Do you have any doubts? It’s as easy as contacting us to make sure we are the best option in Barcelona!

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