Massage included because this is true erotic massage

Massage included

Massage included because this is true erotic massage

Massage included sounds redundant. It is not though! Because you need to know that my service can be very sexy and sometimes men think there is no massage at all!

Since it is erotic massage it always includes the massage. Full body! Back and front.

Massage included

Some guys offer their services with the redundant and excessively descriptive “massage included”. I guess that’s a part of the service they try to skip though. Playing some oral stuff makes it much easier —and faster. Same money in less time and for less effort!

“Hi Paco, I’m just inquiring. Is massage also included in your services?”

This is the question that triggered this post. So I guess I did not make it clear enough on my website here. Yes, my job is erotic massage. And erotic means a style of massage. Clearly.

Tantric massage

And Tantric massage is a style as well, for the record. Though I bet that to some men the word “tantric” is a bit too intriguing. To others “tantric” sounds like you need a previous training. You do not, though.

You can enjoy a tantric massage with me even if it’s the first time you try it. And believe me everybody likes it much more than expected. So they try it again, with me or with other exclusive male masseurs.

Many guys ask me what makes a tantric massage different from some plain erotic bodywork.

  • Awareness
  • Here and now consciousness
  • Ejaculation control
  • Longer time of enjoyment
  • Light feeling of trance
  • Sensual and tender attitude from the masseur
  • Intimate connection
  • Emotional connection
  • Sexual connection

There’s much more, though. Please read my post gay tantric massage.

I can personalise the massage to a huge amount of options. From prostate massage to naked massage, and also some kinds of gay fetish massage. So check these posts and see and choose whatever matches your preferences.

Erotic massage included always

Because erotic massage is a generic concept it is already included in all my tantric massages.

Anyway, I still need to point out that all my tantric massages are erotic. As opposed to other tantric masseurs who are not using the sensual techniques of tantric bodywork though. To them, tantric massage is merely focused on breathing techniques and some sorts of meditation.

So if you never had some erotic bodywork before it is about time now! Try it and discover this amazing experience!

I guess almost every gay men has had some fun with en escort or a call boy. Sooner or later, the chance knocks at your door. Or some friends might treat you to it. This does not mean you are a guy paying for sex either.

But erotic massage is much more! You experience a deeper connection to the masseurs and your sensual enjoyment lasts longer.

You can also have a much more powerful climax. Many guys have amazing and really abundant releases as well!

Services not included

At this point you will surely know what comes next. To me massage and sex are two different words, two different concepts. So two different jobs.

You can still have it though!

More and more gentlemen are requesting using our mouth —to theirs— to achieve the final climax. We called it Tantra Fusion since it is so requested by so many men!

If you want to go even further I can suggest you some amazing professionals if you wish the “full service”. Marco, LeoBenito, Jorge, and all others are some really amazing guys. Not just handsome and sexy, also expert and passionate about their job. If this is what you want please check gay escorts in Barcelona and learn all the options they can offer you.

Book your gay massage

In Barcelona you know the best massages are with us. Choose your therapist and call!

Paco: contact me here.

In Madrid you have a full team to serve you as well. They are serving the best gay massage in Madrid!

See you soon in Barcelona!

Or Madrid!

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