Massage for gay men

Massage for gay men

Massage for gay men

Massage for gay men is a special service you are welcome to enjoy in Barcelona.

Because my gay erotic massage is always safe, clean, legal and honest. This is a very intimate and sexy massage experience!

Safe Massage

Gay men prefer being served by gay men and especially by gay professional masseurs. This is a very legitimate choice, not only because we are LGBTI Community. Also because a gay man understands your needs the best!

I underwent some long and intense training in erotic massage, Tantra massage and other massage styles. For instance Thai massage and Lomi-Lomi massage.

So I can offer you an excellent massage experience. Gentlemen prefer hiring a sexy male masseur with the perfect training and the right polite attitude.

Check my testimonials to see how high I am valued in Spain!

Last but not least, I am a very honest guy! Many of my customers value this fact beyond what you can imagine.

Massage in Barcelona

I am Paco, serving the best gay massage in Barcelona. I own this private gay massage studio. And I am also traveling to your hotel room. Anytime 24 hours massage!

Visiting hotels and also private apartments is what we call outcall massage.

Check the prices! Different sorts of services and also different session lengths!

Massage for gay men in Sitges

I don’t have a massage studio in Sitges though. But I am frequently in Sitges serving out-call massage requests. Maybe I’m in Sitges right now? Just call and find out contacting me!

The safest option is planning ahead of time though.

Massage for gay men in Madrid

I’m also having more and more calls from gay men visiting Madrid and finding this website. I got many friends in Madrid who also happen to be excellent masseurs. Though not all of them are gay, they are serving gay men and earning amazing and wonderful reviews from all kinds of customers.

Please mention gay massage in Madrid in your message.

Please plan ahead of time your gay massage to ensure the availability of your chosen masseur.

Any question? Suggestions? I always answer the phone and I’m really glad to answer whatever doubts you may have. Not to mention I¡ll be really happy to serve you!

Go on exploring the fascinating world of massage for gay men on

See you soon in Barcelona, Sitges and Madrid!

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