Massage exchange

Massage exchange

Massage exchange

Massage exchange is something less and less frequent. I was having at least one call a month requesting a massage “exchange” for no money. That was years ago. Something must have changed during this time.

The guy on the picture is Fred. He is a professional masseur.

What happened now? How come nobody is asking for it no more?

Massage exchange

“Hi, I’d like to give you a massage in exchange for yours!”

Text messages and even voice calls of men requesting this to a professional masseur sounded a bit absurd. I always answered kindly:

“This is my job. I make my living on it”.

Some guys can be very pushing and even stubborn. Some others got the message and quit the game in the blinking of an eye.

One of them told me he was a student.

“Wanna hang out after the massage?”

So I guess he did not have money for a massage. He had it though to spend it on taxis and get drunk. Or is my imagination going a bit too far? However I never had the interest to find out.

I’m there for my real customers.

My preference is always serving elegant men, guys who know what they want. The men go for it without wasting their own time.

Gay massage exchange

Exchange is a common practice in other countries. Not only for massage but also for learning photography, cooking and gardening. Of course among men who are not professional masseurs, not professional photographers, and so on.

Exchanging massage —or any of the above— is an undercover way to request sex for free.

Grindr changed this —maybe?

But I think other facts have had an influence.

Gay men are aware of quality —and quantity. Too soon most of gay men found out that an amateur guy can only serve a bad and clumsy massage. And have a not too appealing body. Manners matter as well!

Is that sexy?

Word of mouth is like gunpowder in the community and gay men visiting Barcelona chose to go pro. At least gay men who want quality.

Massage exchange in Barcelona

I have seen for some years now a group of seniors in Barcelona. They are running a blog about massage exchange. During all these years the blog has been slowing down. Some of those guys died and the remaining guys are bored. Pardon, avid to touch dick. Yes, touch dick more than keen on giving a good massage.

Experiments and getting stuff for free is for those who have a lot of time to waste. You need a lot of patience and and failure until you get a shadow of what you wanted. But some guys like playing around rather than the massage itself.

Erotic bodywork is my job

A pro is giving you all the guarantees.

  • Professional treat
  • Proven talent for erotic bodywork
  • Experience
  • Maximum hygiene
  • No time wasting
  • No unexpected surprises
  • Discretion
  • Real pictures
  • Speaking English

Tantra massage, on top of all these, can’t be performed by an amateur. Erotic bodywork needs a specific training. I understand amateurs can feel the calling of erotic massage. But they have more personal reasons than professional skills.

Professional gay erotic bodywork

That’s me! This is my job, my talent and my calling!

If you want to have a quality —and quantity— experience then please be safe. And double checking your masseur is also an advise for safety.

Paco: +34676648226

Learn more about me and all I can offer you by visiting

See you in Barcelona!

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