Massage discount Barcelona

Massage discount Barcelona

Massage discount Barcelona

Massage discount Barcelona are seldom requests. Yes, seldom! Believe it or not.

I think by now we all know that everything has its price for some reason. Call it airlines, public transport, jewellery, food or fashion, shops always work with fixed prices.

The big retailing companies offer some discounts only on specific days, like Black Friday or at the end of Summer.

While on a weekly basis, at least in Spain, only some open air markets allow bargaining. Of course they need to get rid of all the fresh vegetables before heading back home.

Now let’s get back to massage, our industry.

When one guy is asking for a discount he never thinks he’s one of the rare exceptions. Honestly, I never know how to react to discount requests. Maybe because I never ask for discounts. I trust the price tags everywhere. And I usually change my decisions according to the price, not the other way around, meaning changing the price instead of my decisions.

If you are really interested in discounts please go on reading! Because discounts are limited to certain circumstances.

Bargaining vs. discount

As I always state, different words are for different things. And bargaining and discounting are also different concepts to understand price dealing.

A discount implies the official rate the seller is offering. It is the same service for some % less. Discounts are used on specific days.

Bargaining instead means the buyer is making an offer. Which gives the seller the option to also limit features, as timing or amount. This means the product or service may also change according to the offering. The harder the proposal, the harder the dealing.

Since I’m having a lot of calls every day, I rarely need to bargain. Consequently, bargaining is frequent on masseurs with a low load of work. And that’s also an explanation about the value or interest of his work.

An example of bargaining:

“Hi, Paco. I can offer you 100 € for your 200 € massage”.

I decline all those hard offerings, for your information. Experience is proving that these sort of people don’t have any flexibility, so it’s not bargaining but time wasting for both of us. Besides, the tone of the conversation tells me a lot about the man asking for it. How can you ask to be flexible if you aren’t?

An example for discount:

“Hi Paco, I’m interested in the 200 € massage session. How much discount could you give me?”

From here we start a constructive conversation. Usually this sort of men are flexible, can adapt to my schedule, ask for very specific features and are less needy.

Massage discount Barcelona

I think most of gay men value massage as a special experience. On top of this, erotic gay massage is even more special!

So my clients are aware that this kind of service has some specific prices. Since you can’t compare it to a therapy massage it needs to have a higher value.

“I know this is a very special treat. Erotic massage must be something gay men have on a not too frequent basis”.

This comment from a customer is not always true though. Because I have many local customers who need one of my massages once or even twice weekly.

One of these customers also tells me this:

“It’s much cheaper to enjoy a good massage every now and then than sponsoring an expensive boyfriend“.

Yes, and under this light, gay massage means some big savings in life!

Gay massage discount Barcelona

No matter if you need a discount or not, I will be very happy to serve you! Of course with my best gay massage in Barcelona!

Please feel free to contact me.Sometimes I happen to be bored. Honestly only then I can answer with some interesting offer.

If I happen to be very busy with too many requests I will have to keep the standard massage prices. Luckily we can also re-schedule for the next day if my agenda looks better!

Hotel massage discount Barcelona

Massage discount Barcelona is also available to serve erotic massage in your hotel room. This is what we technically call outcall gay massage. Sometimes the taxi fares are included in the final price. It obviously depends on your hotel location.

Therapies in my gay massage studio are also available for discount. It is important though we need to set up a meeting first!

Finally, please remember that if you want me to be flexible, you need to be flexible as well.

Are all masseurs offering discounts?

As you know, I work with a number of masseurs who are advertising on my website. They are these exclusive masseurs. While some of them don’t mind giving some discounts, some others don’t. Please contact me to find out who, where and how much!

Gay massage discounts Barcelona

These are the gay massage therapies I am proud to offer you. Please call personally to ask for a discount! Usually I offer some bigger discounts rates for the longest sessions.

Please contact me after deciding which is the option you’re interested in.

Extremely erotic 120 minutes massage: official price 400 €

Naked Interactive Tantric massage 90 minutes: official price 300 €

Extremely erotic 60 minutes massage: official price 200 €

Erotic Prostate massage 60 minutes: official price 150 €

Relaxing massage erotic 60 minutes: official price 120 €

Spiritual and Relaxing erotic 45 minutes massage: official price 90 €

You can also check previous customers’ opinions on testimonials.

The difference between these massage menus is the erotic intensity. So Naked Interactive massage is way hotter and way more sensual than the Relaxing massage, while the Prostate massage sits in the middle range. If you have any questions about the different massage menus please contact me over the phone!

No tips?

I usually do not ask for tips. I am aware this is not the regular way you do it in the United States and in Arabic countries though. In the US tipping is usual and oftentimes mandatory. In Europe tipping is optional, and it means you are very satisfied with the person serving you.

Usually I am getting huge and extremely generous tips for my massage services. Even though I never ask for it. My international customers are very satisfied and are usually calling back as soon as they have a chance to come back to Barcelona.

It is obvious that for people asking a discount will never give a tip. Anyway, if this is you please have it ready just in case you change your mind: because you will enjoy an amazingly satisfying massage with me. Beyond expectations!

Easy contact

To apply for a Massage discount Barcelona please contact me. I appreciate phone calls instead of written messages.

Gay men seeking for sex have a harder time to find discounts though. Matt and some other guys are masseurs offering deeper services. Warning: Matt never bargains!

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