The new Massage delight

Massage delight

The new Massage delight

Massage delight, two words that come together nicely.

Every now and then a man needs some delightful bodywork. No matter if you see it as a receiving therapy or as a very engaging mutual touching. Because it’s your choice!

Since we master tantric massage for gay men we can adapt to a wide range of options.

Check all the extras we can also offer you!

You’ll see how much we have been thinking to meet your erosional demands. Well, honestly, we have served thousands of men. So we can foresee your needs!

Massage delight

Because our goal is giving you the sweetest experience you’re dreaming of.

Massage is always something gay men welcome! Anytime! Everywhere!

While here in Barcelona we will be so happy to have you in our gay massage studio. We will pamper you with exactly the massage style you are also craving for!

Gay massage options

There are lots of massages we master though. Needless to say we know all sorts of demands. Since every customer is different and we try to adapt to as many requests.

There are some specific techniques or grips you might want to choose. Of course all of the following are included in the sensual and erotic massage group:

It is as easy as calling us!

Paco: contact me!

Massage as outcall service

More and more men prefer staying in their hotel rooms. Are you also is this group?

Because this way you’ll be able to save time, taxis and stress. Many men use their time in their room to answer e-mails, phone calls and have a long relaxing shower.

Since the working day ash been intense and stressful, we both know what you deserve!

Inside the city of Barcelona we usually need 30 to 55 minutes to reach your place. It also depends on our previous reservations though.

Gay outcall massage has many advantages!

  • Less stress
  • Convenient
  • Fall asleep in your bed after the massage

If you choose Paco he can also bring along his credit card terminal. This way you don’t need to walk the streets looking for an ATM.

Please feel free to call us! Ask us all the questions you need to know! I will be very happy to answer!

If you are looking for a male escort though please check Jorge.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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