Use this new Massage checklist for safety!

Massage checklist

Use this new Massage checklist for safety!

Massage checklist is about all the features and grips you wish to have included. So your massage experience should be the best!

Because “the best” means exactly everything you dream of. So make a checklist and let’s see if everything matches!

Massage checklist

With almost every new appointment I face the “checklist moment”. While most frequently over the phone, I’m answering questions like this:

“Does your massage include feet?”

Or any other body parts, for the record. Sometimes the questions go deeper, though. No matter if all these are already described on the naked massage menu:

“So, do you mind if I ejaculate?”

The interesting point I can see here is the checklist factor. This means most of gay men like to customise their erotic massage experience. And of course I am very open to it!

Gay massage checklist

Because in our present world customisation and personalisation of everything are a must. We are used to choose among many different options.

“I want my coffee decaf, with some coa-coa, honey and cinnamon please”.

Same goes for massage!

Gay men are really happy with my service! Because I can adapt to many a preference.

Massage checklist examples

Of course the following are just en example. Over the years and the thousands of customers I have seen more extreme, fancy and whimsy requests.

If you need a specific description of any of these please contact me. Though you’ll also find them in this blog.

The most recent massage menu I added is Tantra Fusion, a very special massage for gay men!

Fetish massage checklist

There are some additional features that we all consider like fetish massage. Because these are very specific and it is easy to see them like extremely special.

  • Water-sports
  • Bondage
  • Ticklish massage
  • Nipple pinching
  • Spanking

Please check my post about gay fetish as well! It is relevant though we speak on the phone. If you are the one requesting these you’ll understand why very easily.


Since many personal wishes are possible. More than you can think of! Since I am an open minded guy I can understand more demands than any other sort of professional. Because intimacy and eroticism are my calling!

So it will be much easier if you contact me over the phone. It is wonderful to discuss personally all the wishes you have. I will also be able to “feel” what you mean.

Paco; contact me!

If you prefer having sex though I recommend Jorge. He is able to perform almost all the massage listed plus lollypop and also penetration.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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