Massage boomerang and Karma

Massage boomerang and Karma

Massage boomerang and Karma

Massage boomerang? Is it a massage for Australians?

Well yes, but also for everybody else! I do have many Australian customers, and many recurring ones!

Though let’s speak about the concept of Karma this time.

The concept of Karma

The Hinduist concept of Karma is as easy as this:

“What you do to others has also consequences on yourself”.

Sometimes reactions are immediate. Like a spontaneous kiss. Some other actions though need more time to get an answer.

Is there a universal justice? A justice able to return all the good and all the evil to those who do it?

For many people it is just a matter of time. For Hinduists the reaction can also come back in your next re-incarnation. Or is it a bit too late?

Attitude and justice

As you can imagine I am answering many phone calls a day. I am facing so many different attitudes towards my job! Some guys are extremely open minded while some others can be very shy.

On the other hand, a few guys can be disrespectful and even insulting. I can’t understand why they wish to enjoy a service which they despise.

A very well known psychologist in Spain has a name for this: “interiorised homophobia”. Though I can see some other stuff. Like the concept of “paying for sex”. Which can be disturbing to some who —deep down— need it badly.

“I never pay for sex. Can I have it for free?”

Maybe his boss tells him “I never pay for —his job name here—”. That would be Karma. The immediate one.

Respect others and they will also respect you. Respect, confidence, friendship, love. The best of life is earned.

Anyway, my job is not exactly sex. It involves sex and many guys see me as a sex worker, but I’m never practising oral sex nor penetration.

I understand the guys who really need all those though. There are guys willing to get paid for it!

Massage boomerang and dealing

Many men are used to deal prices. Of course not in Europe nor in the Americas! Western culture is not about dealing prices and making weird offerings. Some guys though have this habit. They just need to know we have fixed prices in the Western countries.

On top of this, they are the most demanding customers. They have a large checklist with “extras” or special requests.

So how do they face their own job? Don’t they care if boss tells them:

“I want you to work twice as much. You’ll help some other colleagues with their tasks. But you’ll be getting ‘slightly’ less money per hour”.

When some customers address to me in these terms I try to be kind. If I sense there is some brains behind the questions, then I try to explain. We all can have a bad day or a not too fortunate comment which we immediately regret.

Generosity gets even more generosity

Sometimes the boomerang comes back loaded. Throw it with generosity and it will get back at you. It will land at your feet with even more good stuff than you sent it with.

You want a good service, don’t you. If you start our conversation in terms of requesting generosity by offering less money, what will you get?

Requesting more generosity on my side for less on theirs might seem extremely smart for some guys though.

“You are very generous. I think we had a really nice connection during this session. Thank you for feeling me and for following my unspoken requests. I didn’t expect this much!”

You generally tend to be more generous to men who are generous as well. Because good vibes open our hearts. So let’s call this the massage boomerang.

Gay massage in Barcelona

If you like me and my service description, go ahead and let’s meet! You’ll enjoy an amazing massage, that’s for sure!

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