Massage avec plaisir, the new service for French guys

Massage avec plaisir

Massage avec plaisir, the new service for French guys

Massage avec plaisir is a little joke I can share with my French massage customers.

“Bien sûr, avec plaisir”

This is a very common expression in France. Absolutely polite, gentile and elegant. This is the best answer you can get whenever you place a request. For a drink, and also after making your payment.

Oui, je parle français. J’ai beaucoup de clients et amis françaises!

France is famous for being a country focused on the highest quality products and premium services. We all know some the most expensive wines, Champagnes, cheeses, fashion brands, perfume and cosmetics are French.

So when we think of France we also think of the world of exquisite gastronomy and hostelry.

A little comment on the concept of quality I just need to state!

Good taste!

Quality and good taste are rare. You won’t find them at random places. But of course in France!

This is a goal I also share with the French philosophy of quality services. To me good taste, elegance and honesty need to be together. Always.

Before we go on with this post, just a grammar correction. A French friend told me that what I mean here is correctly written “avec du plaisir“, with stress on “du“. The exact meaning is “with some pleasure”, very specific when you talk about erotic massage.

Massage? Avec du plaisir!

French massage customers can be very demanding. They are used to very high quality services. Because in France customer service is not just relevant but absolutely basic.

Not to mention the massage quality they also expect. Of course the hotter the better! French gay men are very passionate!

The only thing I do complain about is that some Parisian customers think erotic massage equals to sex. The hundreds of thousands of gay tourists visiting Paris every year think massage does mean sex. So along the years all the exclusive gay masseurs advertising here have been drifting into more sensual services.

Consequently some French gay men expect this sort of services.

Though each and every French gay man knows exactly the difference between these two words. “Massage” and “sex”. Easy, right?

Massage avec plaisir

If you are a regular reader of my blog about gay massage you’ll know what my approach to massage is.

Erotic massage is a very intimate and exciting experience the way I see it. For your most intimate pleasure!

So the expression “avec plaisir” comes with this “pun intended”. Very intended.

Barcelone avec du plaisir

“J’ai profité beaucoup ton massage! C’était vraiment excitant! Et très different de toutes les massage que j’avait eu avant. Tu as dépassé toutes mes attentes!”

I have many regular customers coming from France. Some of them are businessmen visiting Barcelona on a regular basis.

While some others are tourists. All of them are equally satisfied!

Massage pour des couples

It is a very curious fact to me that most of the gay couples me, Leo, Jorge and Luca are serving in Barcelona are French. Maybe gay partners in France have a more open approach to sensuality and partnership.

“We like to share our fantasies. Since we are honest, we talk about our most intimate fantasies. Then of course we also like to live them up!”

“This is a way to avoid cheating, all the guilt and repenting. We learn this after being together for more than 12 years now. Being in the same room with one masseur for each feels very exciting! After this we talk a lot about how we felt and we engage in sex again”.

French couples enjoy alike both options: one masseur to share and one masseur for each.

Massage a Barcelone

Sorry not to be able to write it all in French though!

Je parle français mais je suis pas assez bon à l’écrire.

If you have any questions, also in French, please call me!

Paco: contactez-moi!

You can also check Benito and the other guys if you need a gay escort in Barcelona.

On se voit à Barcelone!

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