Male masseur in Barcelona

Massage at hotels

Some hotels have their own in-house massage service.

You need to know these hotels are using a tricky marketing strategy: Hotels and Spas are legally NOT allowed to offer any kind of intimate service.

They are on a dangerous balance of unlawful service and dishonest service description. Guess who is the paying victim.

Therapy massage, so "legitimate massage" is the only kind of massage styles hotels are lawfully allowed to offer you.

They sometimes mention the word "sensual" but they are not allowed to perform it. If you look too keen on it they'll trick you.

Stealing ideas

Many hotels in Barcelona have been trying to copy my erotic massage —you could use the word "stealing" as well. And they have been trying hard by constantly testing and firing new masseurs again and again.

Don't expect any genuine nor mindful erotic Tantra massage as an in-house service. At any hotel.

Hotel managers and massage

To hotel managers massage is just another income figure. They see it as a something "anybody can do". These words are a real fact: I heard them myself in an interview.

"Anyone can do massage". As anyone can run a hotel these days.

Serving "heterofriendly" hotels

You'll find this "heterofriendly" gay hotel in Barcelona. Less and less of my customers are hosted there. Quality, lush and gay glamour are a shadow of the past there: straight families are bringing along their babies. You can hear them cry at night. Their "heterofriendly" marketing campaign is a success!

Not gay customer satisfaction though. Just check TripAdvisor and find countless bad reviews on that gay hotel.

Free-lancer for massage at hotels

I have always been a free-lancer. I don't work for any hotel and never will.

Please call me directly to avoid paying extra money to lobby staff.

There are really nice exceptions of amazingly professional and nice lobby staff members. But be careful. In Barcelona you can expect scammers and over-priced taxi reservation services as well.

Gay Hotel massage

Hotels are usually asking a 80% commission to their in-house masseurs. Masseurs working for 20% of what you pay them can only give you a rather poor quality service. These guys are not stimulated to perform a quality massage.

Let alone quality masseurs are earning much more anywhere else!


Massages  24 hrs. Hotel Service

You can't buy talent

Not every masseur has the talent —nor the will, nor the training— to perform an excellent and honest gay erotic bodywork. Any hotel will have a hard time to find one really talented and excellent masseur —not to mention a whole team.

Talented masseurs are free-lancers. Everywhere in the world!

What customers are telling me

Many of my customers have been telling me about their frustrating experience with in-house massage. They are being offered a therapy right during the check-in paperwork. Most of the customers find this pressure on them annoying, and the ones who give in are soon deceived.



"I paid a lot of money to this massage service. And the bill on my credit card looked as an escort service to my husband. Yikes!"


"I am happy now because I enjoyed what I was craving for: your [Paco's] high voltage erotic and passionate body to body massage with this sexy and masculine male masseur. Now I am able to compare both services I just can't wait to recommend you to my friends!"

They all tell me about the prices and the frustration. Only after experiencing my massage they are aware of the differences.

"Tell me about this hotel massage"

I had a massage myself with them personally so I can speak about it in full knowledge of each and every detail.

Being a good masseur is something only a few can achieve. You need the strong will and some experience to make it. My customers tell me "you have the magic and the chemistry other masseurs are lacking".

The differences between in-house Hotel massages and Paco's male erotic massage

There are too many differences, starting by the way they describe the service —they are not allowed to offer erotic massage, so they use ambiguous and confusing terms. They are scared of a legal inspection.

If the in-house masseur happens not to like you he will perform a really bad massage with no passion at all. You won't get your money back since the description of the therapy is ambiguous.

These Hotel masseurs perform too many massages a day: they see you as a number: "just one more guy to bill".

Their masseurs are also "encouraged" —meaning forced— to "make" a daily and weekly revenue.

Only a few lucky hotel masseurs have undergone some useful therapy massage training. Only a few of them know about erotic massage, let alone Tantra massage.

Yes you knew it: there are too few in-house masseurs who have been that lucky to learn some genuine erotic massage grips.

Frustration? No thanks!

These masseurs must keep some limits for each and every massage therapy sold by the hotel. They know them, but you will be the victim because you will be exiting the massage box and paying having unfulfilled expectations.

What the heck is that?

You will even be offered "sex", sometimes without having been asked. Untrained and lazy masseurs go the short and easy way: giving you some oral, just to finish their job in about 15 minutes instead of performing a full hour bodywork.

Is this the massage you wanted? Is this a 60 or a 90 minutes massage you wanted to pay for?

24/7 gay massage service at any Hotel

All legal hotel staffs have a timetable, a time to start in the morning and a time to shut down their doors in the evening.

My massage at hotels service is true 24 hours Mo-Sun

You are free to enjoy my gay massage anytime 24 hours during the day or the week, wherever you are in Barcelona.

Please book ahead of time to ensure my availability.

For instance that if you wish to enjoy a massage at 3 AM please let me know before 11 PM.

24 hours gay massage service

Service description

24/7 — Save time — Save taxis — Save stress — Lay back and let me work for your pleasure — Relax and enjoy!


Massages  24 hrs. Hotel Service

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