Tantric massage Maspalomas

Tantric massage Maspalomas has a name, a unique name, if you mind. Tyson is this black masseur, specialised in the hottest Tantric massage you’ll ever experience.

Honestly, for some reason there are very few masseurs offering Tanto that are black.

Now you are in Maspalomas once of the most special gay destinations, you shouldn’t miss this amazing experience!!

Sitges is packed with many interesting gay spots: gay bars, restaurants, gay gear shops and a bunch of nudist beaches. Also some very interesting upscale golf fields. Not to mention amazing hotels and luxury apartments!

The black masseur in Maspalomas


Tyson is this strong, smooth and handsome Caribbean guy. His approach to the Tantric techniques is very pure and sensual. He will guide you through his session with sweetness though confident command. His starting massage in Maspalomas is the 150 € prostate massage. The most demanding gay gentlemen ask him for the amazing one full hour interactive tantric massage! This is where Tyson excels in this performance of the most exciting gay massage ever!

Male masseur in Maspalomas

As you know, Maspalomas is a very peculiar gay tourist destination. The dines, the cruising areas and the orgies set this spot on the map for many gay men.

Though it is also true that many gentlemen who have some more refined taste for sensuality prefer the intimate experience of massage —and Tantric massage is the safest and most elegant option to live up gay sensuality.

This is what our customers say about Tyson:

Extremely sweet, yet confident and always in charge. Blissful!

You won’t find any quality Tantric massage anywhere else on the Canary Islands.

Especially during Winter, when most of the masseurs fly back to their hometowns as Madrid or Barcelona!

Trust Tyson, the safest and the most reliable male masseur!

Erotic Tantric massage in Maspalomas

Finally there’s can option to avoid the tacky cruising in Maspalomas and all the risks this involves!

Now you can have Tyson visiting you in your hotel room, where you feel the safest, to enjoy the male on male most blissful sensuality!

Please check the interactive Tantric massage to have a glimpse on what Tyson has to offer you!

Outcall Tantric massage

For the time being Tyson doesn’t own a massage studio in Maspalomas. Anyway, this is very convenient fo you since he can visit you right ion your apartment or hotel room! hats easier that that! No effort, no waste of time and transportation… and fall asleep after his blissful bodywork!

As a last note, Tyson is always discreet and will protect your social profile!

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