Male on male

Male on male

Male on male

Male on male massage is the full name of m2m massage or m4m massage. Some websites use these shortcuts —let’s confess they are sometimes confusing. And some other times plain cryptic, so not understandable at all.

I like to be straightforward, honest and clear. And I also like to explain everything I can do in easy ways. So the shorter the description, the better the message. So the easier to understand!

This way you can decide whether you want to go on reading or not.

Hey buddy, this is about a man performing massage on other men.

Do you like using tags? Well not me! Though google does. And google will use the keywords straight men, bisexual men and gay men to understand what this is about.

Male on male

There is nothing more forbidden than man on man massage. And of course sex between men. And among many men, if you wish to go all the way and back.

Many straight men have erotic fantasies about being touched by another man. Call it curiosity if you wish.

When they fantasise about even touching another man themselves then a straight man knows for sure he is being really curious.

With me all the straight men feel really at ease. And comfortable. My clients say they feel safe with me. I’m never pushing anybody to have sex though.

See my first time gay massage entry if this fits your moment.

First off, my erotic massage service is about mutual respect.

Male on male massage

They say massage is a very safe way to indulge into curiosity. Since there is no pretending and no sexual etiquette to follow. Men who wish to enjoy this service just want to lay back and let me work.

Since I’m not forcing any kind of situation, you can feel absolutely free. Do you want to touch me though?

If you wish to experience the naked massage you are allowed to. For men who want to restrain from touching me there is the relaxing massage. This is the pure receiving massage with no additional chances of touching me.

Many straight men also like to try the prostate massage.

“My girlfriend knows I like this, but she told me she will never stick her fingers inside me”.

“My wife gave me permission to try this with a man. This is why we are here now, you and me. She is really open minded. And she loves me”.

As you know, I never ask. Though many guys tell me very intimate details and are also allowing me to share them here. No names, no dates though.

Male on male eroticism

Eroticism can get really hot and intense when two men meet for some erotic massage. This is my job and this is how I like it to be! Hot, intimate, sexy! And passionate, since I’m a passionate masseur as well.

“Every time I’m fantasising about being with a man I get very excited. I know this will be something very very mind blowing. Please allow me to climax once, twice or even more times”.

m4m massage

This is the most used term in the United States. On the other hand in Australia and India, the most used term is m2m massage.

Despite the different numbers, the meaning is exactly the same!

Now you found me, please go on reading or book my erotic services. I cab do both in-call massage and outcall massage to your hotel or apartment.

See you soon!

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