Male masseur in Barcelona and the new scenario

Male masseur in Barcelona and the new scenario

Many customers are asking me why did I choose the name “male masseur in Barcelona“.

Before going on, the image on top shows four of our best masseurs: Victor, Leo, Jorge and Benito,

I also want to mention the fact that this year has changed some of our habits. We were already very responsible about everything hygiene and safety. Now we are also fighting this virus. Please check our safety precautions on massage versus virus.

The concept of “male”

While it is obvious to me, it is not to everybody. Just the fact of using the word “male” is the first clue. I am a male, so I feel and live as such. I act naturally as a male. This is maybe the reason why I serve mostly men who are looking for a virile masseur.

Go ahead and explore all the benefits I can offer you.

Your male masseur in Barcelona works different

Massages performed by a lady or by a male are different in many aspects. And this is the second fact. So a male masseur will use more pressure if needed. Because I can use very wide range of pressure, from soft to hard. And beyond hard as well. There are many guys who want an extremely deep tissue pressure, the kind that feels hurting to many of us. Don’t worry though, I only use this extreme on guys who specifically request this.

This is usually the exception since erotic gay massage for men is frequently sensual. And to be sensual you can’t be hard. I master also the tender touch of a male. As you will see, tenderness and caring is a relevant part of my job with you.

Because sensuality and eroticism between men is something really sexy!

The virile energy of the male masseur in Barcelona

My customers wish to enjoy a massage performed by a man because it is their choice. A personal and oftentimes really intimate choice. And a very legitimate choice as well!

You can easily find many more lady masseuses than male masseurs. Though if you need a male you have the right and the chance to find him. You found me so please go on reading!

The male energy on a massage embraces a range of details. Details that go from a gender preference to issues about pressure. Among these details you can also find the fact that among males we share a certain complicity.

Male to male massage

A male masseur is able to understand you better since he is a man as you are. Ladies are usually assuming some other kind of stuff that you might not be interested in. Or not today. A male masseur in Barcelona like me can make you feel at ease in the blinking of an eye. We might connect instantly. Even men who do not dare to share intimate subjects on a conversation are sending the invisible signals. And these can affect their massage preferences. I always “listen” to them! Attitude, position, groaning… those are ways to communicate and express the needs a male body might have.

If a male masseur is what you are looking for in Barcelona then you just found me! Please go on reading the details and facts about my service.

Male in-call and out-call massage

I can serve you an out-call massage by traveling to your location. Because you might be hosted at a hotel in Barcelona, or living in a private apartment. No problem though. I am bringing all the needed stuff to perform your best gay massage ever!

You can also visit me at my studio downtown Barcelona, in a location presumably very close to you right now.

There is much more information, both specific about massage and technical as prices and exclusive masseurs. Also thorough information on the FAQs, the interesting guide on how to see a masseur and even erotic stories for gay men!

Please feel free to call me!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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