Gay Massage Málaga

We are currently looking for male masseurs in Málaga. Preferably having a personal massage studio, licensed, free-lancers and fluent in English.

Sensual massage in Málaga

Gay massage in Málaga for demanding gentlemen has a name in Málaga: Arturo. Arturo’s sensual massage is quickly becoming a word of mouth among locals and visitors.

If you are also a demanding massage client you’ll understand why the very moment Arturo touches your feet —for a start.

His sensual massage is, as you guess, the right sort of bodywork to balance your stress, both on the physical and the emotional levels. You will understand the difference after enjoying this amazing session!

Sensual bodywork

There are some very special grips to communicate sensuality through massage. Not just a different pace and a softer pressure, also very specific techniques that will stimulate your fantasies and your arousal. And Arturo is experienced and talented. With him you’ll notice the difference!

Sensuality to soothe body and mind

Now it’s time to enjoy everything you deserve —and fancy— in a massage! Choose between prostate massage and interactive massage, for example, according to your personal needs. You can also choose among many session time options, from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Finally, we are used to perform most of our massage sessions as out-call massage to your hotel. If your location is close to the masseur’s he won’t need to ask you for transportation fees!

Male masseur in Málaga

Male masseur in Málaga is a more and more requested massage service. Because more and more gay gentlemen wish to unwind and enjoy some sensual bodywork after strolling around this fascinating city.

Only the best male masseurs in Málaga are advertising here. They aim to serve the hottest and most professional gay massage in Málaga. Exclusively for men who choose a male masseur as their therapist.

Your booking is as easy and quick as contacting male masseur to discuss the openings, options and availabilities. The sooner you book the more accurate we can be in ETA! So don’t let it be too late and don’t risk last minute massage!


Male masseurs in Málaga

Since the demand is rising, we need to find new professional masseurs in Málaga.

Male masseur Málaga
Male masseur Málaga

Many international clients are demanding highest massage quality for gay massage and sensual massage in Málaga, so we are interviewing new candidates to display on this website.

Our customers prefer professional masseurs between 25-35 years of age. o course not only proficient, trained and reliable, but also handsome, with a nice body. We treasure sexy the personal and most spontaneous talent for erotic massage. Masseur who own their personal studio will probably earn many more requests! Contact us!

Or contact Paco

Sometimes Paco is visiting Málaga for a couple days to unwind.

Paco can only serve hotels and private apartments in Málaga and Marbella.

Please contact Paco and check his plans for the near future!

Enjoy the best gay massage in Málaga!

Gay life in Málaga

Málaga is a fascinating city, waiting with many a surprise for you.

This is where Pablo Picasso was born, and it holds many other cultural and artistic venues for you to enjoy.

Don’t expect to discover a huge gay life though, since most of the gay men are still closeted.

Málaga is usually worth a short visit for travellers and businessmen though.

So you need to plan carefully your agenda, and avoid wasting hours strolling around while you’re horny.

Go the safe way if you plan to enjoy some sensuality —so book our gay massage service!

Contact us!

As easy as Contacting us to find out who is available for your timing, or request his phone number.