Making the difference

Making the difference

Making the difference is much more than making a point. We all know what the erotic industry is about, and precisely the massage segment is very competitive. Everyone needs to focus on some different aspects to make his own point.

Because everyone wants to pop out!

Though up to a point where everyone is “so unique” that choosing among many “unique” guys becomes a difficult —maybe annoying— task. Furthermore, the excess of hues and flavours can easily overwhelm you and anybody looking for a massage service.

Exactly as when you try too many perfumes, you get “drunk” and still don’t know what you want.

Let’s ease down this process so it becomes fun —and satisfying!

Making the difference

Before I even knew it, this was my goal when I started. I had been working for several massage centres, and the last one, TantraTouch (2012), was the best in all aspects. Anyway, my gay clients had some more elaborated needs than the mainstream straight clients the ladies were serving.

One of the most recurring request was naked massage and precisely including some interaction. That was —and still is— forbidden in Spanish massage studios, so I could only include it when serving out-call to hotels.

Each and every new client has new and unique requests, and I started to adapt and fulfil them as much as I could. Of course that was a time of much learning and growing in expertise.

So TantraTouch started to feel constraining to me. I needed to outgrow those limited massage menus.

Outgrowing the classic limits

Cutting the long story short, I decided to set my own gay massage studio. There I could finally offer a much wider range of services, from therapy massage —absolutely legitimate—, to more daring practises. You’ll find posts about them under the category of fetish massage.

But there’s a huge in-between of erotic fantasies I always listen to. Of course I didn’t try all of them —scat, blood and the most extreme. While watersports was exciting to me!

The difference is not quantity

Anyway, I soon found out the clue is on a more elaborate level. Where attitude is just the entry. So not just the fact of offering a much wider catalog of techniques. In other words, quality over quantity. I know, it sounds shallow. Everybody is using the “quality” factor.

The whole service, the way I want to perform it, that makes the true difference. Speaking languages, listening to the clients, but also foreseeing many last minute wishes as drinks and even premium Gin&Tonics. To some clients visiting Sitges the airport pick up service makes a huge difference!

Of course all the sanitary precautions also build a strong trust for each and every client. In fact, customers who think all the other guys in Barcelona work exactly as me, usually come back.

Genuine trust

As you guess, the clients come back for more than just one reason. The massage quality, the sexy experience I deliver are the main ones. But also the trust, and all the facts that revolve around it. No gossip, no broken promises, the same consistent quality.

In fact, some of the international clients who visit once a year do appreciate several improvements every time they call.

I am covering a lot of these aspects on this massage guide, you can also call it “best practices” or “how to see a masseur”.

Because the clue to make you happy starts by thinking as you might think, even about the details which the client is unaware of.

Cut the crap!

Yes, the path to excellence is a concept many guys don’t even want to hear about. They need efficiency! So a quick and easy reservation, straight to the point. No struggle, everything ready, no gossip, no questions, massage, shower, go.

  • Quick
  • Clean
  • Discrete
  • Satisfying

Because efficiency means something different to every person.

You can check it by contacting me!

Conclusions about making the difference

Learning and also anticipating the client’s needs is relevant to improve our service. Because professional training, talent, passion and attitude are never enough. The will to improve constantly makes the big difference.

Do you value what other clients think about our service? Please check the testimonials.

During the covid-19 crisis Paco has been publishing erotic stories to engage our regular clients and also to attract new leaders to this website.

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