Magnificent massage

Magnificent massage

Magnificent massage

“Magnificent massage! Your massage has been much much better than anything I could ever expect!”

This is what my customers tell me: “Magnificent massage!”. Of course I am proud! I feel really happy when I see my customers enjoying their session with me. Because I am the giving kind of masseur. So my goal is always your pleasure!

Magnificent massage!

You can also enjoy your best gay massage in Barcelona. I will be happy to serve you in my gay massage studio. And I can also travel to visit you in your hotel room. The prices are exactly the same. Because I never charge taxis.

“I enjoyed your magnificent massage from the very first minute. Seriously I never had a massage like this before. Since I was kind of used to some touching here and there and some tacky jerk-off. Because that’s what gay masseurs usually do. And yes I needed some of these today. But what you did on my whole body has been really sexy. I honestly have savoured each and every minute of it!”

Getting these amazing reviews and testimonials from my customers is a pleasure. My goal is not this though. Because my goal is delivering some erotic male on male massage to fulfil your need of pleasure, sexual excitement and the male needs.

“Your magnificent massage has given me an amazing satisfaction. And some male tenderness, elegant and virile. This is a rare combination of caring and masculinity. I feel absolutely satisfied and fulfilled!”

Gay magnificent massage

Since I am serving mostly men I tag my erotic massage services as “gay massage“. Gay massage can be just a therapy massage from a man to a man. It also means sharing some gay sexy stuff. Like allowing to touch intimate parts or even jerk-off each other.

My gay massage is an elaborate erotic bodywork though. It is not a therapy massage plus a masturbation. It is a whole new concept with its own protocols, grips, techniques and a specific kind of attitude. Therefore there is some powerful sexual energy I am working with. Because I just want it to be a magnificent massage!

So want to know more about it? Please visit or call me. I’d like to speak personally to you and answer whatever questions you have.

See you in Barcelona!

Paco: +34 676 648 226

You can also check Matt and his own website

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