The new Macho masseurs in Barcelona

Macho masseur

The new Macho masseurs in Barcelona

A Macho masseur Barcelona is a masseur as Paco, Benito, Jorge, Dani or Yamal. No excuses, since you got four macho masseurs to choose from.


Well, you can also visit our whole gay massage directory with all our team members in Barcelona! Scroll down for the link!

Macho masseur Barcelona

So what is a macho masseur? We match all of these following criteria, which are usually conditions for very specific requests. Gay customers fancy macho masseurs most of the times.

  • Virile masseur
  • Tall masseur
  • Strong masseur
  • Hairy masseur
  • Tattooed masseur
  • Well blessed masseur
  • Expert masseur
  • Dominant masseur
  • Spontaneous
  • Mature masseur

There are some more talents we have though. You will experience our amazing bodywork in private. Because that’s the place and time to get to know it all.

Check all these amazing exclusive masseurs and choose by yourself!

Massage for out-call

We also offer our erotic gay massage as out-call service.

  • To all hotels in Barcelona
  • Directly to your room
  • Discretely reaching your door
  • Not charging taxis
  • Available 24 hours
  • From Monday to Sunday

If you need to use your credit card please say so. Because we need to bring along the terminal!

Macho masseur Barcelona for in-call

Matt, Paco, Jack and Tyson do have their own gay massage studio as well.

Our studio is conveniently located in the Gay Eixample area. Where all the gay bars are.

Please contact or SMS Paco in advance so we can schedule the best timing for you!

Our studio is extremely cozy and clean. Not to mention discrete!

Paco gay daddy masseur
Paco gay daddy masseur

Macho masseur Barcelona prices

All three macho masseurs share the same criteria for pricing. All of us offer the amazingly hot and private naked massages.

Please check all of our macho massage prices.

Our erotic massage menus go from Relaxing to Extremely erotic and naked massages. Prostate massage is one very specific therapy we are also offering. In our hands it is a blissful experience!

Butch masseur

You can be a macho. And you can also be an alpha male. And then a butch masseur. Because this is the next level in virility. Incredibly muscled and big in all departments. These guys also master role-play and a really wide range of erotic services.

Julian naked masseur Barcelona
Julian naked masseur Barcelona

Contact your macho masseur Barcelona

As easy as calling Paco or sending him an SMS.

Please be specific about your request. Your macho masseur Barcelona will answer asap.

Explore more about our services by checking our testimonials and these weird FAQs! You can also look around gay escorts to see adult pictures. And admire escort’s huge tools!

Macho masseurs around Spain

Wait! If you are in Madrid, Ibiza, Sitges or Valencia you can also enjoy a macho masseur! Follow the links to the city you are visiting and choose!

Introduction to gay Tantra Ibiza Iker
Introduction to gay Tantra Ibiza Iker

See you soon!

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