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m4m massage bcn

m4m massage

m4m massage stands for “man for man” and also for “man on man” massage. Many men are still using this keyword as a quick way to find gay massage. This is a quite neutral tag, maybe meaning we don’t need to be gay —either of us!

As you know, we are in the world of constantly new shortcuts. Not just concepts, because every specific kind of service gets its own acronyms.

First off, let’s talk about mfm massage is all about!

In Barcelona you can find the sexiest massage experience with me. I’m Paco and I can serve you your best quality massage. Both ways: in my gay massage studio or as an outcall service to your hotel.

Though if you need much exclusive gay masseurs as Matt, Leo, Benito, Tom and Yamal please scroll down to find their pictures links.

m4m massage

Though some years ago, the internet’s new habits, SMS and whatsApp shortcuts created this new expression: m4m. A while world in just three characters! So where the number “4” stands for “for”. Obviously the two “m” stand for “man” or “male”.

Now we know what it stands for, let’s check if this is what you’re looking for in Barcelona!

What is m4m massage

The “man on man massage” I can offer you is some very sensual bodywork. The focus is on pleasure rather than on therapy. Well, pleasure is also a therapy for your well being and emotional happiness!

With me the sensual stuff means we can go much further than those plain legitimate massages. Blink!

We are both men so we will be able to share some special intimacy. This does not mean we have to be both gay though.

Because I am serving many straight men and bi-curious men. They also feel the need to indulge into some sexy action and secret bodywork.

There is a lot more detail about these men on bisexual massage customers.

m4m massage Bcn

“Bcn” stands for Barcelona since it is its airport code. It is widely used as a shortcut and a trendy way to mention this amazing city. For decades now.

So not only Catalan newspapers. Also tv casts and the population use this shortcut to mention the city of Barcelona.

It’s funny though how many muslim men say “Barça” thinking this is the official shortcut! They are obviously taking it from the Football Team Name!

Enjoy the best m4m massage

Anytime is a good time for pleasure!

Today it’s about time if you never had this before! Many men choose to enjoy it for the first time gay massage with me. Because I send many signals that I’m professional and also very trustworthy!

Or you can have it again if you already had it before, no matter with who. My erotic bodywork is a blissful, sexy, tender but also hot and virile massage.

Because all my customers say they enjoy my sensual massage right from the moment we both undress.

There are many ways to start a sexy massage though. This depends on the massage menu you choose from the different options I’m offering you.

Please check what Relaxing massage is about. And also the specific grips including Prostate massage. Finally, the hottest is the naked massage!

If we already had some previous massage this makes it easier to adapt to your personal preferences. Because usually I remember al clients. I know it sounds unbelievable, after serving so many men! Though I have a great memory! Especially for your erotic preferences.

Besides the fact that I can perform many different massage styles.

“I already had 32 massages with you, Paco. Yes, I did count them. We never had the same massage session twice. You always manage to do some very different stuff. So it is always a new discovering!”

m4m massage styles

Everybody feels and desires some different massage style. Some men like to be only receiving though. They enjoy being totally passive and letting me pamper them without ever moving. If this is you, your perfect massage is the “Relaxing massage”. The ideal time length is one hour.

Other men get sexually excited, so sexually aroused, very quickly and feel the need to touch me and enjoy mutual massage because its reciprocity. If this is you, we will share a very intimate body to body massage, totally naked. I recommend the “Extremely Erotic Massage” or “naked massage“.

The ideal time length is 90 the minutes session. The perfect session to get through an amazing landscape of eroticism and sexual excitement. Oftentimes reaching more than one climax as well!

Erotic shower massage

We can also finish the “Extremely Erotic Massage” in the shower. We will soap up each other under hot water in the winter or fresh water in the hot Barcelona summer. This is a very hot and sexy experience!

I call this gay erotic shower. And I guess you need to try it!

Blissful prostate massage

There is an in between step, in the middle of the “Relaxing” and the “Extremely Erotic” sessions. It is the “Medium Erotic” which is focused on Prostate massage. This is also an amazing experience. I will adapt to your needs.

Some like it sweet and delicate, while some others like it tough and rough. I will adapt to your wishes and your pace. But it is always a pleasing, sexy and of the most fulfilling session.

Dare to enjoy it!

Tou can’t be wrong with any of my massage therapies!

Call me or contact me to speak directly!

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Matt is able to offer some much more daring services. Please check his own website about male escorts. 

See you soon in Barcelona!

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