Low cost is the new expensive

Low cost is the new expensive

Low cost is the new expensive

Low cost is the new expensive for traveling, for junk food and for whatever you can think of.

Here I’m speaking about some of my personal experiences with airlines, food chains and other services.

But I also listen to my friends. In our conversations they are sharing some interesting thoughts as well!

This is especially true now, while we are fighting the virus!

Low cost is the new expensive: airlines

Is it so un-cool to fly certain companies? Especially in Europe it is.

The main reason though is not the lack of glamour. Delays, un-convenient timings, last minute cancelled flights, never ending waiting lines, uncomfortable seats… you name it.

Did I mention strikes? Low cost is the new expensive, also for people working for those companies. These sort of businesses are constantly struggling to get better deals, and this stress is directly sipping through the way they serve you.

Sometimes the difference between a low cost fare and a regular airline are just 30 euros! This means you can easily put a price on your suffering.

You guessed it! I’m not the kind who’s risking his own stress and satisfaction. Because I want to land at my destination absolutely safe and relaxed. So I can go on with my life and make the most of my trip.

In the past some cheap airlines ruined my trip because I needed to file a complaint. That was the start of an awful trip —with more sequels back home.

Another relevant factor is how bad these companies value the staff they hire. People working for these companies are oftentimes striking and protesting against the abusive work conditions and even worse salaries.

Airline tricks

This is something you already know. Namely the prices low cost airlines are showing you on your initial search are never final.

You can expect taxes on credit card payment (as if there was another option), seat selection, cabin luggage, “priority boarding”, not to mention on board drinks. And —to make it even more pathetic— lottery!

Besides, there are some hidden advantages for the company you don’t even guess. As an unlawful database with your personal information. Age, gender, destinations and consumer habits. Your personal profile is sold to other marketing companies who take a huge benefit out of it! Suddenly, and out of the blue, you’ll be mailed an endless amount of spam from companies you ever heard about before —and you’re not interested in.

You already know it. Though I’m telling you anyway:

  • I never store your information —unless you want me to save your number.
  • No selling to other parties of your information —our customers since 2010 have good proof of it!
  • Never charging unforeseen charges
  • Our prices are transparent and final!

You can check these and many more information in my customer service page.

Low cost is the new expensive: fast food

Some junk food menus cost the half of a “regular restaurant”. Or a nice salad. Did you notice the difference is hardly 4 euros?

If you ever could compare the quality of the fat and the carbs of one and the other menu, you’d be happy to know how healthy the “pricier” food is!

I spend a lot of money on my nutritionist. She eventually told me that spending a bit more on the right food feels less expensive than spending so much time on a treadmill. That’s only about burning carbs. So not to mention other diseases”.

“Low cost” sometimes means “low quality” —more often than not.

Consequently, being able to choose the right service, the right food and the right way of life is relevant. Because it gives you back much more in quality time. And health! Both mental and physical.

“Save also on head-aches!”

A customer told me after a massage recently.

“My salary is much more than just “okay”. Why should I bargain 20 euros? That’s ridiculous!”

Low cost is the new expensive: fashion

Is there any difference between a 140 euros pant and a 25 euros pant?

Yes, and not just the brand!

The whole production process is different. The birth of the idea, the concept, the fabric. The salaries of people distributing and selling it.

I could only wear this 25 euros pants like 20 times. Then it’s literally worn out. While this other one with some 140 will last for years —impeccable and still trendy. So it’s mathematically much cheaper!”

Low cost is a trick

Do you like to be paid for your genuine ideas? Do you want to have a fair salary for your job? Yes, we all want to!

Low cost gets in the way to build a fair society where everybody gets paid for its valuable work.

This is not a personal conclusion. There are many economists who are writing about this issue. These economists also tag some countries as “low cost countries”, which are the worst examples for quality of life and well-fare.

In other words, low cost is a trick. We think we’ll make more out f our money, but the fact is we get much less.

And the worst: for no satisfaction. As I said before, the cost is our own disadvantage.

Customer experiences in the world of low cost are depressive. So you better don’t check them!

While we get amazing reviews, so I really suggest you take a look at them!

One of the guys said he spend some money on a cheap massage. It was so bad, he decided to visit us, which he confessed he should have done from the start.

Why is low cost more expensive?

First off, those companies know you try to refrain from spending the “big chunks” of your money. So they sell you some standard quality services for the same price of a premium one, but sliced in smaller chunks of money. This way you may think you are spending less. But it’s a false idea. and at the end you feel irritated and tricked.

Consequently, be wise and spend the money that’s worth what you want. Otherwise yi7’ll make a b-line around your genuine desires to end at a very different place.

Low cost massage

Of course low cost has come to the world of massage as well. It’s already an old idea.

About 15 years back the low cost massage services arrived in Barcelona. Chinese beauty salons —really cheap— started to complete their offerings with “happy ending” massages. Almost for the price of a coffee —with hidden and never advertised “extras” though. They attract you with a 15 € price tag. You leave spending almost 100 € —for a 15 € worth —and all the way “cheap”— experience!

I think that’s great for men who need a really quick release. Because if you can’t tell what low cost stuff is for, it can be really convenient.

Quality aware clients do know all those tricks and avoid them.

Elaborate massage

While gentlemen who like to enjoy a full hour, some really elaborate massage know where to go.

Our gay massage studio is the perfect place to enjoy a wonderful experience.

We can’t stress enough the fact that our clients are absolutely happy and satisfied with our service.

On the first glance, your services seem a bit pricey for me. So I tried a very cheap masseur in Barcelona. Thinking that “massage is just massage”. Though I felt absolutely tricked by that other guy. Then I decided to try you instead. The difference is huge! You are performing the kind of bodywork I’m going to want again and again!”

To us, testimonials are not just pieces of promotional description. Testimonials are the result of our work. They are valuable comments that feel helpful to many other clients to come.

It’s hard to tell the difference until you try several options. You really need to try a cheap service to value the right one. It’s called “experience”.


Little tricks to cut the cost can only cut the value. Because in real life everything has a price.

You can’t serve true caviar at the price of a biscuit. Because there are only two options: it is true caviar or it is not.

You can’t have a genuine golden watch for the price of a rubber one.

If you find something surprisingly cheap, it means there is a trick. Always!

And you are smart enough to tell the true from the fake.

Quality does make a difference

Ours is a really mindful massage. There is no automatic protocol. Because what we do is the genuine and true intimate communication.

Some guys think that erotic massage for gay men is just adding a hand-job to a regular massage. Needless to say at this point that tantric bodywork is a huge universe.

Low cost is the new expensive if you are looking for some quality time.

It not only needs professional training and all the safety and hygiene guidelines! It needs talent. Also experience and the calling for this job are extremely relevant.

“You’re not in just for the money. It shows this job is your passion!”

You can also choose among several physical profiles and professional talents. Just check our gay exclusive masseurs!

If you are in the need for much more than just massage please check Jorge’s escort services.

Please feel free to call if you have any question. I will be very happy to answer!

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