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Lingam massage in Barcelona

Paco performs the hottest lingam massage in Barcelona.

Lingam massage in Barcelona

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for "penis". Differently from our western culture, the view of the male organ is not restraint in use: it is a "magic wand" we can use to create spiritual light and creative energy.

Discover gay lingam massage

Lingam massage is a relevant part of erotic Tantra massage. It is present in all of our massage menus. Relaxing massage, medium erotic massage and of course in my 90 minutes extremely erotic massage. In this last menu you can enjoy it twice and also achieve release twice.

Now you are visiting Barcelona you have the right chance to explore these absolutely new sensations!

The goal of gay lingam massage

The goal of lingam massage is achieving a very relaxing and long state of pleasure. The man enjoying it has to do no effort at all, just lay back and letting his masseur work for him in a gentle and pleasant way. During as much time as you please: from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Orgasm and release is not the only purpose of lingam massage. Many times it comes as a side effect if the job is correctly done. Even if you didn't intend to come, this might happen.

You are welcomed to ask for release. I am trained to serve you with the most blissful and sweet lingam massage —for your intimate pleasure.

The real purpose of lingam massage is your relaxation. Your mind will probably empty and then start focusing on a special and rare oasis where your thoughts drift to a pleasing landscape of peace, pleasure and this blissful emptiness. Worries are forgotten and you will enjoy a very deserved time of abandoning yourself. You will forget stress and job.


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Gay lingam massage techniques

There are dozens of lingam massage grips. As a very expert erotic Tantra masseur I master this discipline. I underwent a specific training to learn and perfect all the most pleasing erotic techniques to massage your penis in a unique way.

Relax and receive gay lingam massage

Lingam massage is a different experience. When it comes to intimacy men usually have to perform some intense bodywork. It is legitimate if we sometimes feel a bit exhausted or lazy. Now let others work for you!

These massage grips allow men to lay back just for once to enjoy the comfort zone of receiving.

Tricks for gay lingam massage

Before starting this therapy it is a good idea to have a full body shower. Including intimate hygiene.

Lay back on a Tomress, on top of some soft pillows. This can be at your hotel room or in my professional massage studio. Breathe slowly and deeply to achieve the needed relaxation.

When receiving it don't worry about your dick going soft or hard, just disconnect from everything and let go. It is normal that your jimmy will go hard and soft many times during the session, your masseur knows what he is doing and has control on it. Trust me.

Lingam massage and ejaculation

The desire for climax will be more and more intense during the lingam massage session.

You may experience different kinds of release, with and without semen. Orgasm is possible without coming.

With me you are allowed to release in any way. This is the most common way to fulfill the craving us men usually have. After releasing you will feel relaxed and satisfied.

There are some men who prefer not to release. For whatever reason. And i respect this. I will never force you to anything you do not wish to feel, receive or give.

The magic of lingam massage

This is not just a marketing trick, it is true. Your life will have a "before and after" your first lingam massage.

The average sexual partner might not have the skills nor the will to serve you a blissful lingam massage. It takes time and it needs to be in the context of an intimate massage experience without pressure on time or on achieving release as soon as possible. Lingam massage means taking some quality time for yourself.


Massages  24 hrs. Hotel Service