Learning massage

learning massage

Learning massage

Learning massage seems easy to many a man. And it is! So what about m4m massage?

It is much easier though once you already have a solid massage foundation.

So adding up new knowledge is always very positive. And guess what! Customers take good notice!

Learning massage

I get many inquiries every week. Many guys contact me requesting a super intensive massage workshop to learn from me. Maybe because they think serving gay customers is sexy!

Since some of these guys already finished a workshop and wish to start working immediately.

That’s wonderful!

Learning massage takes some time though. Only very expert professionals are able to learn dozens of new techniques in one single hour.

As I always say, foundation is the clue. The more solid, the better!

In other words, the learning curve is easier and easier the more you know.

The relevance of learning massage

Some guys think erotic massage is much easier than therapy massage. Having a solid foundation on therapy massage though will take you to higher levels of quality. And also awareness.

After all, gay massage is not just stroking the intimate areas. It is relevant to know where you are working on. So common sense is not enough!

Besides the effects of a massage are real. This is not a game. You will have a person in your hands —literally!

Learning lingam massage

While some other guys think it is enough if you know how to masturbate. Now we mention onanism we need to talk about lingam massage. What is it?

The famous lingam massage contains dozens of techniques that are vey ancient. As ancient as Tantra, so about 3,500 years.

Though very effective even today!

Lingam massage is a very relevant part of tantric massages. As easy as it sounds, there is much more to it than watching a couple of drawings.

  • Your attitude
  • Receiver’s penis size and shape
  • Ambiance
  • Wave length
  • Awareness
  • Receiver’s personal issues

And some other facts are also relevant if you wish to succeed.

Constantly learning massage

“Every time I see you the session gets more and more elaborate. Since 2011 you never stopped adding new grips and stuff to our sessions. It shows you’re evolving!”

“You have always been incredibly hot! I counted we have like 25 sessions, and all of therm are different and more and more satisfying”.

Sometimes I participate in very specific workshops. Though experience is the most relevant aspect in a masseur’s evolution.

“Back home I have this guy masseur. He is constantly attending workshops. I guess he still feels unsure. Because he needs some professional experience”.

Of course professional experience gives you the confidence you need. Theory is always a foundation.

Let’s compare it to architecture for a second. The drawings are necessary, since they are the plan. But you need the brick and mortar to see your work in the real world.

The customer’s requests and reactions, all those un-forseeable situations. That’s the process to achieve some wisdom.

Learning massage is not enough

A few guys think this job is easy. You advertise yourself, then sexy men start calling you. For some strange reason though, the phone never rings.

There is a bunch of relevant aspects before you even think about advertising yourself. Because techniques and theories are just the starting point.

As you can see, I take my job seriously.

Thye first guy who calls turns out to be a very old man with only 10 €. He is disgusting, he smells like a dead body.

You need to be ready to serve all sorts of men. All ages —from 18 years of age on, absolutely! All sizes, all kinds of religions and personal limits. They will also surprise you with some requests you never even guessed before.

Your open attitude is the least you can start with. Patience, serenity, balance. You also need to be very diplomatic. So be careful with your answers to unexpected questions!

Well, let’s put an end for today’s post!

Questions? Suggestions?

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You are also welcomed to Matt’s website on www.gay-massage.sexy

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