Learn to say no

Learn to say no

I had to learn to say no.

You won’t believe the amount and the variety of amazing requests I have had. An erotic masseur gets to hear some stuff. Some requests are reasonable. Some others are astonishing.

Is every masseur offering “whatever” you request? There are certain limits for gay massage in Barcelona —and everywhere. Trust the honest masseurs.

Guys who say “yes to all” might come up with some last minute surprises. And you don’t want surprises. At the end of this post you’ll know what I mean.

It pays: learn to say no

Not accepting whatever people may requests from you is a healthy trick. Stay sane. Stay balanced and don’t always go out of your way.

It sure pays many times! As it pays to help specific people who are really close to you. Family, friends, maybe your partner.

Learn to say no sometimes

“Sometimes” does not mean “randomly”. It’s relevant to think about what the request is, what it means and the more than evident consequences.

“I need your answer now! I can’t wait!”

Pushing requests get an instant “no” as an answer. At least from me. Rushing somebody is always a sign something tricky is coming around.

Oftentimes I have felt ridiculous. I happened to help somebody. To not being even thanked. Sometimes I have felt abused —by helping a bit too much. When the request is going beyond common sense the trick is close.

Once it’s too late you think “I should have seen it coming!”. Does this ring a bell to you?

Learn to say no: it is a relief!

So when answering with s soft “no” and sometimes even explaining why I said “no” is a part of the releasing process. This way I feel much better. No guilt.

Sometimes I believe the asking person is not even waiting for an answer.

“Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me!”

Went this customer. During this extremely intense erotic massage he needed a deep kiss. I don’t do this. I understand it is relevant to many men to feel completely satisfied or even as a major turn on.

Saying “no” in this context is a total turn off. I just changed my position to avoid a rude answer.

Ask me first

If you feel all your personal requests have to be met to choose me for your spicy Tantra massage then please ask me first. That’s the safest option.

Helping you with honest answers is relevant to me.

Say yes to an extremely sexy massage! Paco: +34 676 648 226

And explore www.male-masseur.com

Don’t say “no” all the time though. Say “yes” to enjoyment!

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