Effective: 3 keys to erotic massage

3 keys to erotic massage

Effective: 3 keys to erotic massage

These only 3 keys to erotic massage are the most relevant. So without one of them there is no eroticism and no massage!

You should not miss them if you really intend to give a successful in your erotic bodywork. They are excellent for your personal life and also useful for professional masseurs. Though I’m quite sure professional masseurs already know them!

Of course there are many more techniques! Though we cut it to just 3 tricks to make it as easy as effective.

Massage Tricks

There are many massage tricks, but let’s start by some basics before we dive into more professional massage grips. Take my hand and follow me!

Effective keys to erotic massage

First off, you can consider that erotic massage is also some kind of art. Because it needs some talent and the joy to perform it. You’ll sure understand after trying it!

Furthermore, if you really put some sexy attitude into it you will succeed for sure!

So what else do you need?

1: the setting

Ambiance is extremely relevant. Part of seduction is showing that you have been preparing the whole moment with some special interest.

  • Soft music
  • Candles and soft lighting
  • Burn some sandal sticks
  • Cushions for the massage surface
  • Some velvet or silk or linen
  • Some drinks according to preference: Tea? Champagne?

Setting is keys to erotic massage

Use your own imagination. You surely know what your partner loves. The giving attitude is extremely relevant for seduction —though in control, not excessive!

If you just met your receiver recently, this event will give you relevant clues about him! Because sharing the intimate world is useful to start a relationship.

2: your attitude

Your warm smile, your softer voice. The way you greet, the way you undress. Think in terms of seduction. That’s the keyword!

  • Facial expression
  • Lower pace —no rush!
  • Sexy underwear
  • Greeting attitude
  • Smile
  • Seduction

Attitude is keys to erotic massage

Don’t talk too much. Focus on the moment and on the skin on skin communication. You need to switch from spoken language to body language. Part of this are the looks: don’t be shy and look into his eyes —keep common sense and don’t over-do it.

3: take your time

Everybody thinks on eroticism in different terms. Sometimes fetish have a strong influence on turn ons and turn offs.

Because intimacy is as unique as every person. So everybody has a different idea about sensual communication.

Though time and pace are extremely relevant keys to success. Because you can’t force sensual excitement. So think in the opposite conditions to rush. We already have too much stress in our personal and professional lives. And you want this to be a very special moment.

  • Slow moves
  • Awareness of here and now
  • Don’t rush
  • Deeps looks —make it natural and genuine!
  • Remember: slow fire cooks, fast fire burns!
  • Enjoy the time together
  • Use a secret clock to control the time
  • Elaborate the session with generosity
  • Make is as long as possible

There are many tricks to watch the time. One of them is hiding a small watch you can check every now and then. At the start time will pass somewhat slowly. But once you get into the right wavelength, it will speed up insanely!

You should be aware of how long you are taking for this intimate meeting. Though your partner should loose control of time! He should be completely in your hands! No pun intended.

Once we speak about mindful massage this is what we mean. Besides, the masseur is in charge. He controls the timing and the pace. Because the giver of massage is aware of everything he is doing on the receiver.

After finishing

Climax is never the end for an erotic massage! This is when the quality of your bodywork makes itself the clearest. Keep on caressing the receiver with a very soft and slow pressure.

Savour yourself and let him savour the moment of bliss. Breathing slowly is also very good for your heart beat to calm down to the normal pace. Keep silent until he smiles or asks you something.

Wrap up

As you can see, it is much easier than you think! Of course training and experience makes the master, so the first time you will probably feel awkward. Don’t let the receiver’s look change your plans! Go on with your protocol and don’t skip any of these tricks.

Questions? Suggestions? So please contact me!

Go on exploring this website for more details. As the FAQs, the testimonials and —why not? these successful erotic stories!

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