Jacobo gay masseur Madrid

Jacobo gay masseur Madrid

Jacobo gay masseur Madrid

Jacobo gay masseur Madrid is working with us for a couple of weeks.

He made an enormous success, so a huge percentage of our weekly customers chose him instead of all other therapists.

Why so?

Jacobo gay masseur Madrid

Jacobo is a very young student. Since he always liked massage of all styles, he studied in a professional therapy school in Madrid.

University is taking most of his time. Though you know students can not always rely on their parents. Especially if you like expensive Museums and upscale social life.

So Jacobo decided to contact us. We had a deep interview with him and some of our guys in the team were absolutely convinced of his ability for sensual bodywork.

While we decided to give him a try we set up an appointment with our professional photographer.

Together with Dario and Hugo, he is also a good option for your gay massage in Madrid!

Jacobo gay masseur Madrid testimonials

Even before shooting the pics you can see now, some customers trusted our suggestions. So they hired Jacobo for their erotic massage in Madrid. And these are some of the reviews he earned:

Jacobo is amazing. I absolutely love his smooth body. His skin feels so warm and innocent! But hell is he expert!

I had an instant connection to Jacobo. After a couple minutes of feet massage it felt like we knew each other for years.

Jacobo is capable of a very deep intimate connection. Usually erotic masseurs are not this giving! Though the guys in your team are all over-amazing!

Very happy about your suggestion! He’s really frisky! He allowed a mutual play that felt genuine and extremely exciting!

More to come, we guess!

Jacobo gay masseur Madrid specials

Jacobo is a very versatile professional. He can give you a very relaxing massage. Ideal for all the gentlemen who are not interested in mutual massage.

A huge amount of his first customers choose his naked massage though!

Because touching him back and feeling his own excitement feels really like a privilege!

Jacobo also masters prostate massage! Many gentlemen prefer this very special treat. And Jacobo is a wonderful professional!

Please feel free to call and tell us about your preferences. We will always suggest the best masseur matching your requests though.

Gay masseurs in Madrid

In Madrid you also have other very interesting choices! Dario and Sebastian are the all-time top requested gay therapists!

Here you can see all their pictures and information:



Please feel free to call us on the phone.

Paco: +34 676 648 226

If you request some more information please be specific about the city. So mention you are in Madrid so we can tell apart. We have clients calling for gay massage Benidorm and also gay massage Barcelona.

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