Italian massage customers

Italian massage customers

Italian massage customers

Italian massage customers are different from other European men. Because Italian society has still the ancient family structure. What is this all about?

Italy is the classic home of design and style. The best fashion, state of the art jewellery, the perfect shoe design, exclusive cars. Besides this, many famous Italian designers are homosexual —and closeted. Though less and less, fortunately.

Another relevant fact to me is that masculinity and Italy go well together. Maybe that’s the reason for prejudice. Because in Italy masculinity is still seen as unrelated to homosexuality.

Why are Italian massage customers different?

First off I need to say that Italian men are very different depending on their birth location. Or depending on the are where they are living.

  • Northern Italy
  • Rome
  • Naples
  • Adriatic coast
  • Southern Italy

Northern Italy has a strong Middle European influence. The big and cosmopolitan Milano is very close to Paris and Berlin when it comes to mentality. Even more now after the opening of the huge train tunnel connecting to Zürich. Milano is trendy, stylish, expensive and also very open minded.

Veneto and the Venice are also feels different once you know the little nuances that differentiate Italian regions.

On the opposite extreme you find Rome, Naples, Palermo and the South mediterranean lifestyle.

As you can see you can go from elaborate and stylish to ancient Catholic morals.

Did you know there are many local accents? Italians can tell where any Italian man is coming from by their vocabulary and accent!

The power of “Mamma”

Italian society is absolutely matriarcal. The famous “Mamma” still has a powerful influence on all men. Men are spoiled from the very early years as babies. With kisses, amazing food and not allowing men to cook nor clean or do any kind of domestic stuff.

But the price is very high and they will be paying back for the rest of their lives with an almost blind obedience. And self punishing —for gay men— because they don’t think they can come up to what their parents had planned.

Gay Italian men have a hard job pleasing everybody. Mamma wants grand children. While father would never understand you like men. The fear of the ultimate family catastrophe prevents a high percentage of gay men to come out the closet.

Apparently Italian families love drama. But not the gay one!

There is a number of movies depicting this sort of situations. Like in Ferhan Özpetek’s “Loose Cannons”.

Italian massage customers say

“Barcelona is a wonderful paradise for gay life! As a visitor I can choose so many gay services we don’t have in Italy!”

“I feel so free here! In Barcelona I can really live up my dreams!”

Italian men feel like unleashed when they first step off the plane and enter this city —Barcelona. No one knows them here, no neighbour eyes are watching, no sneaking on your whereabouts, no snitch and no judging.

In other words, to Italian men Barcelona is like an oasis where you can live up your gay lifestyle with no fear.

Gay Italian customers

On the other hand, some other gay Italian customers though are extremely free of taboos and prejudice. Namely the youngest guys between the age of 20 and 35. They are very aware of their influence on new society and fight for their rights.

Fortunately new generations see life through a more optimistic lens.

To these guys erotic massage is a common practice —they need it, they have it.

“In Italy it is difficult to find a massage like yours. Only a therapy masseur can offer some extra services —but you have to know him well. Normally you have to search for escorts, and then you know it’s not massage at all”.

Mature Italian massage clients

Mature Italians are famous for being sexy and stylish. They really are!

Most of them have a bunch of sons and grand sons. Only a few of them are divorced from their wives, and even a fewer amount are living their homosexuality openly.

“No one in my family and either job colleagues can imagine I like men. I am living a double life but it’s okay. It’s an effort but it pays out”.

Secrecy and split lives feel comfortable to mature Italian men. I agree with them on this fact:

“Nobody needs to know what I’m doing in my bedroom”.

These men know exactly what they want, they know how to ask for it in an elegant way, and they usually get it.

Italian customers’s reviews

“I do not have a high esteem of erotic massage. I thought this was going to be something tasteless and tacky. But you do an amazing job! I am a masseur myself —of course a therapy masseur!”

This man needed to speak to me for a while before deciding on having his massage. Well, it was more like interrogation. Once he checked everything was okay he even regretted he chose the basic massage menu an not the naked one.

“You absolutely convinced me. I felt safe and confident. And you delivered an amazing bodywork! Honestly!”

Other Italian men have told me they first liked my pictures:

“Your body is like a classic sculpture. Your beauty is a virile and classic one. It matches your massages style: balanced, beautiful, sexy —and a fond memory forever!”

Just let me thank all Italian customers from here. It is always a pleasure serving you!


Please feel free to contact me anytime!

Of course you are free to choose any other masseur among the exclusive masseurs advertising on this website!

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