The 5 secrets of International massage customers

International massage customers

The 5 secrets of International massage customers

My international massage customers are sending in some amazing reviews about my gay erotic massage service in Barcelona.

“I have had many good massages in Asia. But your experience is very special. This is the first time I’m feeling absolutely complete and satisfied after a massage”.

The twisted intention in this comment is not only about the massage quality though. Because in Asia “massage” is an euphemism not to use the word “sensual services”. So this testimonial is twice as valuable, since we delivered a much better experience without performing a “full service”.

International massage customers

My team and I are serving different international massage customers. Most of them are businessmen and tourists from around the whole world. It’s hard to say now which is the country of origin I have not served.

Oftentimes my customers speak about the city they come from. Many of them also refer to the culture differences they feel in Barcelona. Habits, time tables, food, language, they see many differences.

But fortunately there are many more common things that unite us. We now have a quite global culture that lets us understand each other in a very smooth and sweet way.

Gay massage customers

Being gay is still forbidden and even prohibited in many countries though. Having the chance to enjoy a massage like mine feels like a little miracle to men coming from those countries. So they value it in a very special way.

“I knew this is legal in Europe. And I am so happy to live it up with you! You make me feel safe and I even forgot about guilt. Because I am married to a woman against my will”.

Bisensual massage customers

The most frequent profile of my international massage customers is the bisensual businessman.

Back home I have a wife. And I love her. And I also love my kids. Though I need to live up this secret homoerotic desire. Because it is a very powerful need. So I only dare to experience it far away from home”.

This makes me very proud. Because I love my job as a masseur. This is my calling. And succeeding by connecting on such an intimate level with men from all kinds is an Honor.

Here you can see some more testimonials. They can be very helpful!

So if you wish to experience this new dimension in gay massage just contact me. I am able to listen to many kind of special requests. Just let me know!

Contact me!

Check more contents on this website for much more information!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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