The new Individual massage styles by Paco

Individual massage

The new Individual massage styles by Paco

Individual massage styles by Paco is the sequel of a previous post. It was about the other two massage styles: broker massage and inverse massage.

Just to catch up quickly, this is all about gay massage. And more specifically, erotic massage for gay men in Barcelona.

So in this post we are going to focus about two new daring massage styles we could not cover in the previous post. This time around the clue is individual massage. This is my unique therapy for each and every man who chooses to enjoy my bodywork.

In a nut-shell, individual massages are the opposite of couple massages and four-hand massages. As you guess, individual means one masseur and one receiver.

Surprising individual massage styles: adapting

Before we go on, I need to mention several facts that set me apart from all other masseurs. It is that I like to listen to all o my customers. Because I usually perform almost any change in the massage protocol to adapt to personal requests. Obviously as far as we still remain in the boundaries of what we all understand as an erotic massage.

Some of my clients told me we could also call it signature massage.

Sometimes customers make specific requests as “please don’t touch my feet” or “I am ticklish here and there”. And other times the demands are much more elaborate… and surprising.

Frequently I develop a very close relationship to certain customers. Some of them are local guys. While some others are flying in from very far. So I get them to know in a very intimate way. Sometimes even a bit more than their partners in life.

Because prejudice and sharing a common family life can sometimes lead not to share all of out most intimate desires. After all society has many a prejudice. And not all of us are ready to ignore and bear social shame and intimate shame.

Legitimate and non-legitimate

To me there is nothing non legitimate in the massage styles I am describing here. It is all a matter of personal acceptance. As you will see I can easily adapt to many a request.

Because each and every customer-friend has a different world of sensuality, sensuality and fantasy.

Just a few of them speak them out openly. While I can sometimes feel or guess it. The ones who are talkative come to express their deepest and most secret fantasies. That’s an excellent start!

Talking makes tantric massage adaptation easier to me. But sometimes I am left to guessing. It also works though!

And this is where my real service starts to develop reaching new dimensions in private massage.

In my previous post I talked about The inverted massage and the broker garage-massage. Don’t miss that post if you haven’t had the chance to read it yet!

The broker massage style

After adapting to that broker I wrote about previously I could easily understand another of my recent customers. This lawyer I’m writing about here is under a severe control at his job. Fortunately he can lock under a key his old fashioned and dark wooden panelled office. I dress as a customer of his and I am forced to politely greet his assistants, his boss and all the people working around him. I bring a mat hidden in a rucksack so we can perform the massage on his carpeted floor. The ringing of the phones, the danger of being interrupted by his assistant or a call from his boss is exciting him like crazy. This guy has a very hard time to achieve climax in normal conditions, but the location is an amazing solution to match his time availability and his need for release. And of course to match his most powerful erotic fantasies!

By finding out this convenient solution to please him we solved two issues at the time time. His fetish for danger and time pressure and his lack of time for himself. I am not a psychologist to analyze this properly, but I guess both conditions might be related somehow.

One fact he is not aware of during the session is that I stretch his pleasure during almost one hour. Since he looses orientation in time to him the pleasure takes some 15 minutes. But his satisfaction corresponds to a one hour session —or even more!

Since my job is a therapy for pleasure I feel very satisfied to be able to help him to have a good time. His release is exactly this: a release for his balance.

The gym massage style

This architect has no time for his needed massage sessions as well. While speaking on the phone I found out he had some time to shower at his upscale gym club, which he did on a regular basis. He told me gym time was a needed break but there was a lot lacking for it to be a fulfilling experience. I offered to massage him there, and he came up with the proposal of enjoying the intimate massage in the turkish bath. After discussing it over the phone that’s exactly what we did.

Turkish bath at his gym can be crowded sometimes. We were frequently being interrupted by men coming in and out the cubicle. This reminded me of the gay bath-house cruising unspoken protocols. Straight gyms are not the usual scenario for this kind of cruising, so I really did not focus on these interruptions. But I think he did.

I soon found out that interruptions were winding him up, he got more and more aroused. Danger had also a sensual effect on him. I think those other men thought we are good friends massaging each other their feet, hands and arms. As soon as we were left alone we got more intimate with the massage.

All of these are examples of solutions to given difficulties.

By the way, you can also check my erotic stories, one of them is about a hammam!

Other gay individual massage grips

Other special grips are usually included in my massage menus, though not all of them and not always. This is why there are specific massage menus. So the first of them is including the widest range of erotic grips:

You will find the descriptions on each of these pages.

Though the most special one and the most requested has become this one:

Find out what it is about and you’ll understand why it is so popular!

My approach to individual massage

You can always count on my will to help if you want to solve a problem —I can try! The resulting might be some surprising massage styles. Highly personalized and custom-taylored.

By speaking openly we can find a way to perform exactly the amazing erotic massage you are craving for. The best way is calling me. We can have a nice conversation, only as intimate as you want to go.

Wherever. Whenever. Dare?

Please understand special requests need a personal phone call. If you’re “busy at work and can’t talk˝, then you better choose a better moment —”the right moment”. Believe me it pays off!

What if it’s not individual?

Then we’d be obviously speaking about couple massages and four-hands massages. Which are also options you can request!

What about other masseurs?

Of course! You can choose your favourite therapist by checking all the exclusive masseurs!

If you wish him to have very specific talents it is extremely relevant you contact Paco. paco knows the specials and the stronger points of each of these guys advertising on this website. This way Paco will be able to suggest the right man who matches exactly your fantasies —or budget!

I hope this information has been useful to you. In my previous post I wrote about the other two massage styles: broker massage and inverse massage.

You are also welcomed to check many more interesting subjects on this website, as the FAQS, and the very useful guide on how to see a masseur.

See you soon in Barcelona!

Contact me!

Another option for some guys —more on the explicit side: male escorts in Barcelona.

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