Ibiza weekend massage

Ibiza weekend massage

Ibiza weekend massage

Ibiza weekend massage is the perfect service on a Saturday and a Sunday in Ibiza.

Thus year we will have our best masseurs (usually in Barcelona and Valencia) serving Ibiza during the whole Summer!

You can’t mis this chance!

Ibiza weekend massage

More and more gay men are spending the weekend in Ibiza. Especially now, while things are getting safer and safer and there are many more flughts.

Also because the flight from any European city is a quite short one.

Many airlines have direct flights to Ibiza, especially from March to September. So German, Netherlands, French, Italian, Swedish, Austrian and British gentlemen are a couple hours away from these paradise beaches!

Of course the fact of enjoying a quick hideaway from stress is also very needed!

The minute you land on Ibiza you will feel able to breathe some happiness! Many guys also tell me it feels like a journey in time!

“Ibiza means I instantly forget about all stress and trouble. I am so happy here!”

Gay Ibiza weekend massage

Even though Ibiza is not the gayest island on the Mediterranean, it still has a quite active gay life. Bars, clubs and some specific beaches are open and busy during almost the whole year.

“I know my ways around the island!”

Meet a masseur in Ibiza

Erotic massage is usually not a substitute for “everything”. But you can have a massage instead!

Because what gay men want in Ibiza is fun and relaxation.

“I’m here in Ibiza to have fun as well! So why not enjoying a massage here!”

Many options!

We can offer you several options to choose from. Not only about the best gay massage in Ibiza, but also the different physical stats and the unique therapies you are so close to enjoy with them.

So contact us and find out when and where you can discover these amazing and sexy massages!

Once in Ibiza…

…some guys also like to explore their own boundaries. Exactly like many straight men have a curiosity about being touched by a male —and try it!— some gay men feel a similarly exploring idea. Namely touching and being touched by a lady.

If this is the case, we suggest the best female masseur for erotic massage in Ibiza!


back to our gay lifestyle though!

Maybe you did not decide yet wether spending a gay weekend on Ibiza. If you meet a nice masseur you will set the sweet cherry on top of the cake!

Finally, if you are visiting Barcelona and need the best erotic massage check Paco and all these amazing exclusive masseurs!

See you soon!

My gay massage studio is in Barcelona!

Can any of our masseurs in Ibiza welcome you at his place?

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