Ibiza weekend massage

Ibiza weekend massage

Ibiza weekend massage

Ibiza weekend massage is the perfect service on a Saturday and a Sunday in Ibiza.

If you prefer ladies please check www.eroticmassageibiza.com

Call and find out if Leo is available now!

Sometimes Dani and Hector are also available.

Paco: +34676648226 

Ibiza weekend massage

More and more gay men are spending the weekend in Ibiza. Because the flight from any European city is a quite short one.

Many airlines have direct flights to Ibiza, especially from March to September.  So German, French, Italian and British citizens are merely one hour away from the beach!

Of course the fact of enjoying a quick hideaway from stress is also very needed!

The minute you land on Ibiza you will feel able to breathe some happiness! Many guys tell us it is a journey in time!

“Ibiza means I instantly forget about all stress and trouble. I am so happy here!”

Gay Ibiza weekend massage

Even though Ibiza is not the gayest island on the Mediterranean, it still has a quite active gay life. Bars, clubs and some specific beaches are open almost during the whole year.

“I know my ways around the island. And now I met Leo it’s even better!”

Meet Leo in Ibiza

Erotic massage is usually not a substitute for “all the way” sex. But you can talk to Leo and he will tell you how horny he feels! Maybe even more than yourself!

Leo is a very passionate young man. He is very expert in erotic massage.

Leo has an amazing talent to feel your wavelength. Call him intuitive! So he can meet even the most secret demands you are not aware of.

“I guess Leo is able to read my mind. He gave me sweetness at the start. Though then he got more and more passionate, and we ended up having a blast. It felt as if we knew each other for years!”

“Leo is excellent in massage. Because he is not sticking to a rigid massage protocol. He feels his way, so I guess he can anticipate my needs”.

As we said before, Leo is a very intuitive man. This talent is very relevant to meet Ibiza gay visitors demands. Because what gay men want in Ibiza is fun and relaxation.

As Leo says himself:

“I’m here in Ibiza to have fun as well! So why not enjoying the massage I will give to the sexy men around here!”


Maybe you did not decide yet wether spending a gay weekend on Ibiza. If you meet Leo you will set the sweet cherry on top of the cake!

Trust Leo’s expertise and indulge! Finally! Because you know you deserve it all!

Check our massage menus Ibiza and call.

Paco: +34676648226

If you are visiting Barcelona and need some nice hot sex please check Matt.

For gay men visiting Madrid please check www.gaymassagemadrid.com

See you soon!

We also have a gay massage studio in Barcelona!

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