The new Hunk masseur

Hunk masseur

The new Hunk masseur

Hunk masseur defines what I am. A big guy. Tall, strong. Also hairy. I am a kind of man you’d call a “bear-hunk”.

But I’m not alone here!

There are many other hunk masseurs I can suggest for your enjoyment!

What is a hunk masseur?

I never thought about this before. Until a customer told me:

“You’re a hunk masseur! The kind I like!”

He was happy and satisfied, especially with my bodywork and service, so I thought it sounds good. Then I smiled, said goodbye to him. The next I can remember was searching for the meaning of this word.

So I put the result inside the image that comes with this post.

Gay hunk masseurs

Hm, so I’m a “gay hunk”. Cool! Now I’m ready if somebody uses this word again.

Though I’m not alone in this! Ronaldo in Madrid, Iker in Ibiza and me in Barcelona also fit the description of “hunk”. Check them here: exclusive masseurs directory.

Introduction to gay Tantra Ibiza Iker
IkerIntroduction to gay Tantra Ibiza Iker

Gay massage studio

Please feel free to visit us at our gay massage studio! Professional, elegant, clean and discrete. Our apartment is for professional use exclusively, so it’s not a residential multi-purpose apartment. We don’t have a waiting room because we always stress the fact you need to book ahead of time. This way you also make sure the masseur you choose is the one serving you!

Your sexiest massage in Barcelona

I am currently living and working in Barcelona. Here I can offer you all these different options as an erotic gay masseur:

If you want to learn more about it, I suggest you read this introduction to gay Tantra. It will open up your sensuality to new horizons! By the way, the hunk masseur does also have the sensitive side to his massage style!

Massage for outcall

One of my most popular massage services is outcall to hotels in Barcelona. Because it is very convenient to many businessmen and tourists visiting Barcelona. At least, this is what they tell me.

  • I will knock at your door
  • 24 hours massage service
  • Whenever you want
  • Not charging taxi expenses
  • I bring everything with me: massage oils and paper sheets
  • Some relaxing music? I also bring it along!

Since my goal is your satisfaction. I get out of my way to have you satisfied with my massage service. Finally, if I have to go the extra mile I probably will.

Book your hunk masseur

If you like my body and you think my massage service is matching your expectations, then I’m your man!

Last but not least, it is very easy to book a wonderful massage with me!

Just contact me!

Explore my website for more info as FAQS, some weird testimonials. And also my amazing erotic stories!

See your hunk masseur soon in Barcelona!

If you need to go even further, then please check gay escorts in Barcelona.

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