Hung masseur Barcelona

Hung masseur Barcelona

Hung masseur Barcelona

Finding a hung masseur Barcelona is not a difficult task. You will actually have a hard time choosing among incredible blessed guys.

Most of them are escorts though, so they really don’t have a clue about massage —any sort of massage, for the record.

Consequently, you first need to be clear about what kind of service you are looking for!

Well, if it’s really true that they are 10 inches big —or more! And also given that their pictures have not been retouched to magnify their intimate parts! Many guys told me they feel deceived when the guy is much smaller in real life:

Can you believe it, I first visited this guy, and his penis was half the size his picture!

Besides facial beauty! You’ll find tons of dick pictures —no face. Why?

Of course we can offer some interesting —and always honest!— options!

Do you want to start by exploring some interesting options? Just check our exclusive masseurs!

Why “Hung masseur”?

If the word “masseur” is relevant in your search then you just found the best service in Barcelona!

If size matters to you as well, stay with us and keep on reading!

First off,  our service is erotic massage for gay men. Though I also serve bisensual men. And straight men, for the record. In fact I don’t care about these tags. I never ask!

“I want a hung masseur. Not only massage is relevant to me, but also the visual aspect. I like to feel and also see a very attractive guy”.

“Erotic massage is some service for me to enjoy high sensual excitement. So I need a hung masseur!”

All personal wishes are legitimate. You just need to express them so I can make them come true!


If you need a super well blessed masseur, please contact me. From there we can decide how we go on.

In order to be efficient, and if you are extremely demanding, please don’t call for last minute appointments.

Did you know flexible men are much luckier!

Hung masseur Barcelona: Benito

Benito has an amazingly big penis. Though the most relevant about him is he can really use it. His sensual and erotic wisdom are absolutely beyond description!.

Again, Benito has an big and sexy penis. I think he is not aware of it though. As far as we know, most of his customers choose him for this fact.

Because men who want really large penises get more excited during erotic massage!

“Benito is absolutely amazing. His sexy and muscled body, his seducing thug attitude. And what can I say about his amazing tool! Jaw-dropping!”

Benito is earning praises from almost each and every customer he is serving. So trust him!

“I didn’t expect a good massage from Benito. Honestly, I chose him because of his XXL tool. Though I was surprised he has a true talent for erotic bodywork as well!”

Though he is not extremely talented for erotic massage, John should also be an option for you to consider. Like Benito, he is requested beyond availability, so please ask him for the next day, never for a last minute appointment!

More hung masseurs Barcelona

The team of exclusive hung masseurs is constantly growing, though.

Just check our new masseurs Yamal and Dani. Amazing!

With us you will always get the best quality in massage, besides a cucumber-shaped dick. If you like this sort of penises then choose Jorge!

Daddy hung masseur Barcelona: Paco

I’m Paco, by the way, and I have been told I’m more on the regular-to-big size. Most of my customers tell me I do have a very special, beautiful and sexy dick though.

If this helps, once a very cheerful client told me:

You are a grower, not a shower. Like me!

The customers that choose me are usually more focused on erotic massage quality. And on expertise. Besides, I’m this young daddy masseur. I have been working with erotic tantric massages since 2003.

“The dick is not the only thing I have in mind when choosing my masseurs. I fancy hairy guys, tall and strong. Uncut dicks are also my preference. So I placed my bet on Paco. We shared a really amazing experience. Very close to sex. Though his naked massage feels much hotter than sex!”

Wrap up

So if the masseur’s penis is a relevant asset to you, please contact us. We will be happy to answer whatever questions you have.

And go on exploring our naked massage options!

We can serve you bot as outcall massage and in our massage studio.

See you soon!

Do you prefer gay escorts? Check this website and choose many additional options!Again,

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