The new Hotel Arts massage

Hotel Arts massage

The new Hotel Arts massage

Hotel Arts massage is a very specific service. Obviously it is about serving our best massage right in your room.

Since Hotel Arts is one of the best in Barcelona we are having many calls from gentlemen living here.

Why Hotel Arts massage?

We are speaking specifically about this hotel for some reason.

This hotel has recently changed their safety protocols to access the venues. So now they hired a private security enterprise. They are now checking under the cars and taxis entering their parking lot. And also asking everybody for ID before entering the building.

Everybody, randomly from customers hosted at the hotel to visitors.

Though we can serve you anyway!

Just call Paco and find out our availability and ETA.

If you fancy the best gay massage just call us!

Hotel Arts massage Barcelona

These security protocols have the only purpose to add some difficulties to access the hotel.

So this is the only reason for us to need some extra time to pass the security staff. They will ask me, Leo, Benito, Jorge or gay escorts for an ID. Afterwards of course they will ask for the room number we are visiting. Sometimes they request you calling personally the lobby staff to permit access.

This can take from 2 to 10 minutes, depending on the hotel staff forwarding the internal phone calls.

Plan ahead your perfect massage

As always, it is smarter to plan ahead of time. So if you have am ideal timing on your agenda for massage, please call ahead of time.

Gentlemen with business dinner, meetings or tourist visits to Barcelona usually know when they are back in the room.

The reason we are writing this post is just this. Namely letting let you know we need to have in mind these security protocols.

Hotel Arts massage is the only hotel in Barcelona with this extreme safety paranoia. There is no threat of terrorist attacks as for now.

Many other hotels do use a very discrete and invisible screening of people accessing. Though at Hotel Arts they want it to be really evident.

Hotel Arts massage

Enjoying the massage you need has always been a personal right. Wherever you are. Paco, Angelo, Leo, Matt, Tyson and all of our masseurs are serving any hotel in Barcelona. This is what we call out-call massage!

We always know how to proceed. So we never had a problem accessing any hotel.

Now you are hosted at Hotel Arts you still have this right. Nobody can take it from you. We just have to be aware of the timing it requires.

We want to be on time at your door, and we always are. Sometimes even ahead of time!

These are our massage therapies: Relaxing Massage, Prostate Massage, Naked Massage. Check the prices and all of the features included —all therapies are different and have many time lengths available to you.

No drama service

Hotel Arts is the only one now adding these extra minutes of calling back and forth the lobby staff. No drama though!

As we said before, we can make it anyway! While security guards see as us private visitors. You have the right to welcome your friends at your room anytime 24 hours. And this is what we will do!

Call me if you have any question regarding Hotel Arts and regarding erotic Tantra massage details. Paco: contact me!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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