Hot couple experience

Hot couple experience

I never thought I could share a hot couple experience as the one I’m describing here.

Now, a massage with Jack is always an incredible experience. Not just for the receiver, but also for me. This erotic story is not just a story, it is the first massage I gave together with Jack.

You could start by describing Jack’s astonishing body, but the first thing you are attracted to are his deep blue eyes. And his intense look. His look makes you think he has the power to read anybody’s mind. Which he probably does.

Meeting Jack

Jack is a handsome man. His face, his expression, his attitude are the ones of a mature and self-made alpha male. Since I know him personally and he told me many of his stories, I can say that his looks match exactly who he is.

Jack has this amazing body, tall, big, extremely muscular. So it’s difficult to stop by watching his face and sexy head. Of course you will look down to his broad chest, his abs —and below.

The first day I met Jack I was very curious to see him fully naked. Though our first meeting was to have a conversation to see if we could work together.

We were sitting on the edge of the Japanese bed I use for massage. Back then we shared relevant facts about our lives and jobs. As a conclusion, we thought that together we could serve more clients. We both agreed we could make a good match by giving four-hands massages. 

In the eyes of our clients, Jack and me are in a similar category of body and age fetish. We are both mature men, “daddies” to some guys, tall, big and strong. Though he is much bigger than me in all the aspects you could think of.

So we kept it there that evening. Honestly, I was craving for some client to call and ask for a 4-hands massage. That way I could see him fully naked and enjoy not just his vision but participating in the sexy bodywork I was so sure he’d perform.

And that day soon arrived!

Our first 4-hands massage

Instead of one guy it was a couple. Bob and Doug are married and both of them like the similar body assets that could describe Jack and me. Their messages showed they really were into our sexy bodywork, so we agreed on a very hot session. The four of us.

Jack and me prepared the massage room. We lit tea-candles, also along the corridor. After finishing the set up, we smiled at each other. We knew we were about to start a wonderful experience for our clients. Whoever they are.

As Bob and Doug stepped into our gay massage studio, the atmosphere already started glowing. By glowing I mean a sort of human temperature, smell and desire. I guess we could also call it testosterone. Bob and Doug were also big guys, so there was everything you need for some top porn movie material.

I served some Gin & Tonics. With every sip there was a short and fun silence. There were constant little jokes and laughters, everything felt really easy and smooth. Both of the clients were in the right mood for some very sexy fun.

Bob and Doug stared at Jack while he removed his military shirt and pants in front of all of us. Bob was clearly into Jack. While Doug stared at me in anticipation, and stepped to my side to help me remove my black tank. Doug seemed to be a very thoughtful guy.

It clearly was a perfect match to everybody. We started with soft caressing, from head to toes. This is a very useful initial approach to the client. A sort of discovering of his body and also his most spontaneous reactions. That’s also very handy to see how interactive the client can be.

The four of us

The four of us were standing in the room, around the double Japanese bed I had prepared for the session.

I saw Jack’s back, his amazing butt… and once he bent down to caress Bob’s legs and feet, I could see his humongous balls. They hang free and moved along Jack’s careful strokes up Bob’s legs. The way they moved it was clear they were not just big but also very heavy. That was an impressive sight. I still wanted to see him frontal though.

Doug was breathing anxiously, he felt very excited because of my soft caressing all over his body, and especially his nipples. He had a small tattoo around one of his nipples, and it was a clue to tell everybody that that was his most sensitive spot. I literally drove him crazy by stimulating this spot.

While Doug closed his eyes for a second, I looked at Jack. He nodded his head suggesting we could lay down. So that’s what we instructed Bob and Doug to do. The second phase of the massage was starting with an extremely high excitement in the room.

I feared all of us would climax too soon if we let go. Though Jack and me were fully in charge.

It was sexy to see Jack rubbing Bob’s back. Bob kept moving like a trapped snake, wishing to unleash from the big monster dominating him.

Doug was also trying to turn over all the time. I also caressed his ear-lobes, and he pulled his dick out between his legs in a way that I could see it popping out. That together with Doug’s ass was also a very sexy sight!

After a while massaging both Bob and Doug’s backs, we couldn’t stop them from turning over.

Face to face massage

I was craving for a sip of my Gin & Tonic, but apparently everybody else in the room forgot about the drinks.

So now Bob and Doug were laying down face up, watching us work on them frontally. Bob was staring at Jack in an obsessed way. Their eyes connected and did not let go for a long while.

That was the moment I finally saw Jack’s dick laying on top of Bob’s abs. That was an immense penis. Beyond any measures because any number could describe its size and power.

Though I had to concentrate on Doug not to loose connection with him. Doug was obsessed with my own hairy chest, and he also looked very intensely to my pulsing penis. I was very hard because everything in the room was so intense and exciting. 

The big mirror facing the massage surface felt like a movie screen to me. The sight of our four bodies in the dim candle light was the sexiest reflection this mirror has ever showed.

We went on with the massage, I guess torturing our clients a bit too much and for too long. I understand Bob very much since watching Jack’s dick was something you did not want to ever stop but also something that demanded an urgent release.

Jack’s dick is a huge circumcised monster. Hard, veiny and with its own soul and will.


Hidden massage gems Jack

Surprises in a hot couple experience

I am absolutely certain that Bob was thinking about many more things exceeding a massage. And Doug as well, the way he was looking at my dick.

All of sudden, they both switched positions. I guess they did not want to waste an inch of our bodies to try everything they had at hands in our massage studio. I felt a sort of jealousy, since Doug was now obsessed with Jack, But Bob was suddenly so much into me that it compensated the change. Jack smiled at me with his sexy complicity grin.

A few minutes later Jack made a very interesting move. He started to reach for me, as if he wanted to embrace me, so the four of us ended up in a close four-some hug. That felt not only extremely sexy but also sweet. That was the ultimate connection we could all have together.

We were on our knees, facing each other. Both Jack and me grabbed their dicks, and in about seconds Bob and Doug gave us some amazing shots! I chose not to stop stimulating Doug’s nipples, and he screamed exactly when Bob chose to unload on top of Jack’s dick —the surface was big enough.

That was a scene that is literally engraved in my mind —ever since.

After that extremely intense moment we lay down next to each other and started chatting. Jack is also a master in leading the right tone for a conversation. Especially after such an exciting bodywork.

Finally we all sipped a bit from our Gin & Tonics. The ice was melted but the mix was still tasty. Exactly like Jack’s dick. It was on sleep mode but still an amazing masterpiece of a penis.

Though don’t think that experiences like this end up at the door of our studio with just a “farewell”. Some days later we received another SMS message from Doug and Bob.

“Jack’s and Paco’s job have been beyond expectations. In more than just a few aspects. We had such a wonderful time with you! We are so grateful for having us and will count on you the next time visiting Barcelona. Take care!”

This “erotic story” or “gay story” does not equal to a testimonial, though if you wish to read more about our job, please feel free to go on reading!

For the time being I have several new erotic stories you can read, for instance about Fernando from Brazil.

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