Why you want the Honest gay masseur

Honest gay masseur

Why you want the Honest gay masseur

“You are a honest gay masseur. You don’t know it but honest guys as you are not easy to find. To me honesty is an asset I treasure in a professional as much as the massage itself”.

Many guys tell me they are happy with my gay massage services. While there are also many guys who tell me it is difficult to find honest masseurs.

So this post is a little bit about testimonials. Because I assume everybody knows what honesty is. We need no definition about what honesty involves.

“You know, those guys promise a lot of stuff. No attitude, countless inches… Once you meet them you feel tricked. Then you find out the pictures are not true, age not true… And service description turns out to be a fairy tale…”

Honest gay masseur

I’d be honest whatever my job is. Lies have short legs, or, as we say in Spain, “you will catch a liar much faster than a one-legged man”.

I never saw what is the point of faking up a profile or a service. The moment a masseur meets the customer is inevitable. Using somebody else’s pictures is obvious and useless and those fake masseurs can’t escape.

“That other guy in Florida told me he looked different from the pics because he had a cancer. I was speechless. But I didn’t leave, and this is what I’ll always regret. I first felt sorry for that guy. But after the massage I felt sorry for myself. What a bastard he was and what I fool I had been!”

Honest gay masseur in Barcelona

“I’m not looking for a honest masseur. I assume all of you are honest”.

I never had the need to tell my potential customers that I’m honest. Though lately I have been told about this so frequently that I changed my mind. I’m honest about my service. I mean I’m not offering massage as an under cover way to sell sensual services. I’m not an escort but an erotic Tantra masseur. The sensual grips I’m performing go a wide range into very intimate stuff though.

But I never cross the red lines of lollypop and penetration. This is the job for the escorts. Like Jorge, who is an excellent professional!

So in case you dream about having those, Matt is my massage partner. I wouldn’t call him an escort that easily. He is an excellent masseur and he is also offering lollypop and penetration. It is just another price though. If that’s what you really want, just let me know! He will be very happy to serve you!

Honesty and massage

What are all the relevant things you want to know with total certainty?

  • ETA
  • Range of massage styles I’m offering
  • Real gay massage studio address
  • Real service description and duration
  • My physical profile and photos
  • Health condition (healthy, no STD and negative)
  • If not available, I will suggest a real guy using his real photos
  • Languages I can speak

And many more, depending on each customers concerns.

Call me and we can speak. If you have specific questions I will have the answers for you. Because I call everything by its name. Paco: contact me!

And of course I’ll perform the best and hottest gay massage ever for you!

There’s much more to explore here: the amazing exclusive masseurs, some useful FAQs and also jaw-dropping testimonials about our work.

See you in Barcelona!

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