The new Healing Tantra massage balances your chakras

Healing Tantra massage

The new Healing Tantra massage balances your chakras

Healing Tantra massage is a very special bodywork. What is it all about?

First of all, Tantra is about blending the spiritual and the physical aspects of massage. And only Tantra therapies can achieve this. I mean, only Tantra if we speak about sensual bodywork. Because all other massage styles focus on other goals.

Healing Tantra massage

My blog followers know I rarely speak about the spiritual dimension of Tantra massage. Because I focus much more on the erotic aspects, which are more interesting to most gay men.. The reason is because eroticism awakens much more interest among the gay community. As you know, most of the men are seeking massages as a sort of erotic services.

Let’s get back to helming though.

Healing arts are the most difficult to learn. I’d rather say they are a gift, something you should be talented for. You don’t learn it, and you do’t choose to have it either. But you need to effect it, since learning gives you a much broader view and many more skills to succeed.

“Yours has been a really healing Tantra massage”.

Sometimes I am absolutely surprised by the customer. Because after finishing the massage the guy suddenly speaks about the reasons why he wanted to visit me.

At first, some men are shy and don’t share their real intentions, whatever they are. Shame or fear of rejection are two main reasons not to talk about one self.

So conversation is also a relevant aspect to healing. I wrote a bit more about that on coaching.

Listening to your body

It is impossible to perform a same massage twice. Maybe the reason is because there are no two similar men, two similar moments. Personal energies —and the ones I’m working on are very intimate— change from day to day. Think about your different moods during the same day.

I try to adapt to what I feel that pleases you most. I “listen” to your body and your reactions.

“This is exactly what I needed!”

This is the comment I’m hearing the most frequent.

Erotic and healing Tantra

As you know, erotic massage is not a deep tissue massage. Healing massage is oftentimes confused with shamanic healing and even with Reiki healing.

Spiritual healing needs the biggest respect. These are big words to deal with. I feel very humble about this. So I handle this subject with caution and deep respect.

Eroticism can heal many emotional aspects in a man’s life. Also physical issues. They are often connected to each other.

I am a massage therapist who believes in talent and intuition. Furthermore, many men are not able to speak about themselves. And I am not a psychologist or a coach. So why should they come to sit and talk?

“I can’t speak about the kind of things that worry me. I just came here to enjoy and forget. And your massage has had an amazing effect I did not expect. On top of that, I had much fun!”

Men who don’t see Tantra as a therapy are also able to enjoy its beneficial effects. However, unexpected benefits but always very welcome!

Healing massage

What can be healing? Is it just my attitude or my talent? Finally, how could I describe this?

“It is the way you got closer and closer to me. You have been gradually approaching my intimate world. I did not know you one hour ago. And now I feel absolutely confident about my own body, my desires and my capability of pleasing another man”.

“I felt desired. This didn’t happen in years”.

More questions about Healing

This is another post I wrote put the spiritual Tantra aspects blending with the most demanded kinky requests.

If you have any sort of question please contact me. I will be very happy to serve you!

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