Dont’ choose, have it all!

Have it all

Dont’ choose, have it all!

Dont’ choose, have it all! Either a therapeutic massage or erotic bodywork? You can have it all in one single massage session!

Taking decisions is oftentimes about dismissing options.

What happens if you just fancy all the options?

Well, this is 2016 and you can choose to have them all.

They are usually excluding each other. With us you can have all you want.

Dont’ choose, have it all!

“I needed a good massage. And I felt horny as hell. In my mind I created this ideal addition of massage plus sexy stuff. I searched it and boom! I found you guys! Amazing!”

“I tend to think that those “all in one” packages must have a trick somewhere. I found your website very professional and I gave you a try though. Your service is even better than what I needed. You opened my eyes to a new kind of bodywork. Really interesting”.

To me it feels absolutely natural to perform a massage with a sexy attitude. I can’t do regular therapy massage again! Sometimes men ask me to have just a plain shoulders massage. Of course I can do it.

Don’t ask me why, the ending is always the sexiest one!

“You have this sexual energy in your touch. Your hands feel warm and powerful. You just communicate this special thing I’d call magnetic”.

Massage plus eroticism: have it all!

To me it is difficult to separate sensuality from massage. It just flows together. I am also unable to have sex without using any massage grip or stroke. Massage is always present in my life. It is a way to communicate and to share sweetness, caring and genuine interest.

“You are aware of what you are doing all the time. Your look and your touch feel mindful, conscious, dedicated”.

Don’t spare one or the other. Just for once dare to unite eroticism into a massage. You will feel surprised and very satisfied.

Dont’ choose, book it all!

Stop dreaming and fantasising! Now you are in Barcelona it’s time to give it a try.

Choose Matt or Paco. You can’t be wrong with either one!

Paco: +34676648226

Discover many more testimonials and many ore tricks about erotic massage and Tantra massage for gay men:

See you soon!

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