Happiness budget and gay habits

Happiness budget

Happiness budget and gay habits

Happiness budget is something we seldom think about.

While gay money seems to be a recurring subject these days! And these two are very related concepts!

Directly related to this, yesterday I was asked by a client how we set up our massage prices. Of course when you start talking about money lots of unpredictable subjects may arise —almost out of the blue!

I already wrote a post about our gay massage prices and how we set them up. In a nut-shell, our prices are the result of a study. Expenses, taxes, more expenses and then again more taxes. Because we are a lawful company. So not only us but the whole society is involved in our revenue.

We could probably profit a 100% more if we were offering services under the table. Though we chose being eligible to ask for a credit in a Bank, or to rent a car. Or merely having a credit card, something you can’t if you’re a citizen out of “the system”. Yes, is Spain as well!

Spain is expensive to live in

Since many tourists are visiting Spain on a leisure trip, it looks like a small paradise to them. They come over to relax, unwind somewhere on the coastline. So they never get to know the tough situation most of the Spaniards are living in.

In fact, Spain is one of the most expensive countries in Europe. Expensive for the citizens. Because we pay the highest cost of electricity, telephone companies and groceries, for much lower salaries.

Many people coming from other countries in Europe are surprised by these facts. But that’s not all. We also pay a huge percentage of taxes. You can compare it to Scandinavian countries or Germany. Though without their salary levels! And also without all the benefits these advanced countries offer to the citizens.

American citizens always say it’s jaw-dropping to learn how high our taxes are.

But all this system is far from being “social”. So it has a negative consequence in Spain: almost half of self employed professionals choose not to pay the tax-man. Or at least, only a small amount. Being on the dark side is the easy way to offer reasonable prices!

Gay money and massage

Some customers like to talk about this with us because they wonder how we set up our prices. Many of them compare ours o the prices in Asian countries.

It is obvious we don’t pay Asian level of rents, Asian taxes or Asian groceries. We also paid a huge amount of money in our professional training. Our providers are not Asian, they live here as well. In one word: Spain is not Asia!

Your happiness budget

Oftentimes I wonder where do I spend my money. I once made a chart to check how the different expenses sizes look like.

The resulting picture is like and X-ray of my priorities.

To my surprise, I spend the less amount of money on my own happiness. The biggest amount goes for absolutely unwilling things —from my side.

I don’t like to pay for the dentist. Paying fines? I hate them! Did I spend 250 euros on dining? My groceries bill is almost 500 euros high. Not to mention my phone bill, over 350 euros!

I could not find even one entry for my happiness.

So I did not spend one single euro on something I really enjoy.

Because most of everything we do on a daily basis is just “surviving”.

Gay happiness budget

They say in the gay community we have different habits. We are supposed to spend much more on leisure, traveling, theatres, social life and fine dining.

While this can be sometimes true, many men come to me and complain about how unlucky the feel.

“I can’t find one single reason to go on living. I hate my job, and I really don’t understand what this life is for”.

The answer is as easy, but as tough as this:

What are you doing for your own happiness?

The “spreadsheet test” is one of the toughest. It clearly gives you a picture of where you are spending your money. Place a red “x” in front of each expense you hate or that does not give you any satisfaction. The use a green check in front of each expense which means pleasure and happiness.

The result is self explaining. Though the tough side comes with taking decisions.

Are you able to finish spending on those hateful services or products?

What would you do i


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