Half price massage according to American clients

Half price massage

Half price massage according to American clients

Half price massage? We always believe in massages worth the full value!

Yes! All of my customers coming from Manhattan and Los Angeles tell me this:

“I pay twice as much in NY”.


“Your massage is worth 450 US dollars!”

“I am so happy to have much better quality for less than half the price!”

How am I able to do it?

Relevant: half price for the full time! So not for half the time!

Half price massage

I am always honest about all issues. My local customers are paying the Spanish prices. And these are exactly the same prices for everybody else in the world!

No matter where you are coming from. Also no matter what your age is. Nor your religion.

In my opinion the prices should be universal. So they are the same for local guys and for international customers.

This why everybody is so happy with us!

Because I don’t agree with other masseurs who have different fees for different nationalities. Or masseurs who start an endless dealing un til finding a compromise which is the worst situation for both the masseur and the client.

That’s not us!

By the way, I’m not alone in my studio. You can choose among many different exclusive masseurs!

Same prices since 2010!

Life isn’t cheap in Spain though! Taxes, apartment rent, electricity, internet and advertising contracts, water, towels and so on. Everything is more and more expensive every year.

Did you know:

I am keeping the same prices since 2010!

Of course I’m having more and more appointments. So it’s not hard for me to keep the prices this low.

Best quality also in our gay massage studio

I can also offer you a very valuable option. Yes, because not all masseurs have their own gay massage studio in Barcelona. And not this nice, this quiet and this discrete!

These days it is a priceless privilege to have a professional massage parlour. As I said before, the rents are extremely expensive in Barcelona.

So I can also offer you an amazingly comfortable and welcoming studio. This is where you will enjoy your best massage in Barcelona!

Half price massage therapies

What about American visitors and also gentlemen from Arabic Countries as Kuwait, Qatar and the Emirates?

These gentlemen are used to extremely expensive erotic massage service in their home cities. They are at least twice my prices. So they are really happy to enjoy an equally amazing service!

“You’re half their price. But you are twice as hot! And twice as passionate! Also extremely professional. You really get out of your way to satisfy me”.

Just for those who ask for low cost massages, we have many more options. We call them Express massages!

Half price massage testimonials

I never get used to get reviews like this though! Because they always are as unexpected as the first time.

“Your tantric massage is worth much more, Paco. But you’re a grounded man. So I guess it’s a part of your personality to keep things under control, also the fees”.

“It’s so nice to see somebody who respects all customers alike. You are true to your local clients. And you don’t abuse visitors who could be paying much more. For you I can only find words of praise”.

I am also aware some guys don’t want an experienced masseur or a daddy masseur like me.

For those who prefer young gay masseurs, they have a choice here as well. Some more good news: we share the same prices!

Gentlemen who prefer to have sex instead of massage have this very special guys: Benito, Leo and Jorge are the best gay escorts in Barcelona.

If you need more information please feel free to contact me! I will be very happy to serve you!

Contact me!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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