Hairy chest

Hairy chest

Hairy chest

Hairy chest masseurs are hard to find. Because there is a certain trend among the gay community to shave body hair.

Body hair is seldom seen as trendy. Except for a few gay men who absolutely worship hairy men. Hairy men are also called “bears“.

So I am frequently called a “bear masseur” by some guys.

Hairy chest

I keep my hairy chest tamed from too long or wild though. My hair grows quick, though on areas where you don’t expect it too much. Areas unlike my head!

“When I first saw your picture I fell in love with your hairy chest. You have a really sexy male chest!”

Of course there are tastes for everybody. Logically the men who get to enjoy my erotic massage are all those who prefer strong hairy masseurs.

But also all others who don’t have a too strict preference. These last guys are men with demanding preferences on massage quality. And believe me they also enjoy my bodywork like crazy!

“It’s not only about your looks though. You are really hot, but your job is amazing. And this is what makes the true difference!”

Hairy masseur

“To me the visuals are extremely relevant. I feel sexually excited only in the presence of hairy men. So there was hardly another option in Barcelona. Fortunately you are an amazing tantric masseur. So the experience was beyond expectations. I’m so happy to meet you!”

Though some guys send me e-mails asking only about physical stats, the true goal of my service is sensual massage. Delivering some sexy massage with the highest quality is relevant to me!

So if massage quality is relevant to you but also sexy looks, I’m your man in Barcelona!

Gay men with a hairy body

“All of my friends say that hairy men “are so 70’s”. Honestly, I don’t give a damn. This is my preference!”

Because all personal preferences are legitimate. Jack is also an excellent option if you like butch masseurs!

All other guys who prefer waxed masseurs can choose among tons of them.

“This is just fair! Us hairy men fans also need a sexy masseur! So please, don’t ever shave! “

Strong pectorals

“It’s fascinating and terribly sexy to see your hairy and strong chest while you rub your body against mine! Woof!”

Body to body massage is one of my favourite moves. So I perform it on your back and also on your chest.

It is included in all my massage options:

The differences among these massage options are big! So choose the right one to fulfil your expectations!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and ask. You can call me or send me an SMS.


Please goon checking more sexy contents on my website.

Matt is less hairy than myself. And also a bit younger. So if you prefer young gay masseurs please check him out. Also on his website for male escorts in Barcelona.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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