Grey eyes (3)

Green eyes in the morning

Grey eyes (3)

Whenever I think of grey eyes Stanislaw comes to my mind. Why did I feel this story was deeper than usual? Even if it was my “first time”, I somehow could feel Stanislaw and me were going to travel together along several incarnations.

Read the start of the story: Stanislaw. Or the second and previous to this chapter: my last reincarnation.

The following is the end of this story about a teacher and a student —Stanislaw and me.

Numbering clouds

Stanislaw raised his body and put his face close to my dick. Then he sucked me in a way that was beyond any description. I forgot who I was, where, past, present, future and everything.

Though you’ll think it’s ridiculous, I was having a trance inside another trance. I am unable to describe it.

Stanislaw adored me. My eyes, my face, by body and my dick. Being adored by him was a pleasure beyond human happiness. I also felt he could see deep inside of my soul. And that was probably the reason of his suffering.

Once he stopped sucking me he put his face close to mine. His fine lips were pink and humid after swallowing my penis, and I could’t stop kissing him again. Some tears were still rolling out his beautiful eyes in silence.

Then I decided to give him back all that pleasure. I observed the pulsing of his dick from very close. That organ was fascinating me in a way I had never imagined before. And the best thing is it was Stanislaw’s, my teacher!

I felt I was deep in love with him and with everything about him.

Since I knew anything about sex I just played as a boy. I played with my tongue right at the opening of his foreskin. His big gland wanted to get out because all of that excitement, and Stanislaw started to jerk me off too. I followed my true desires and put his gland inside my mouth. It felt warm, wet —and home. Stanislaw’s dick.

Had I wasted so many weeks by not trying it before? Or was it the right and only moment?

You can stop whenever you want. You don’t need to go on.

Look inside my grey eyes

I sensed the hypnotist got nervous. But I went on. I couldn’t stop living up something that I had lived before, and that was warming my heart again. Even guessing how the end looked like.

It was a regression, but I was living it as if I was actually there. My body was experiencing everything I was describing to the hypnotist.

I knew it was impossible to swallow it or to get all of that huge dick inside my mouth, but I tried. He started to move his hips instinctively towards climax.

Stanislaw stopped suddenly and changed his position, moving from the head of the bed towards the center, where I was. He hugged me desperately.

He put us both sitting face to face, and he remained silent. Our dicks were pulsing in desire and excitement. We were literally dripping, something that only happened to me in the morning, when I woke up after having sexual dreams about him.

All that was happening was even more meaningful since Stanislaw was my teacher. I couldn’t oversee there was a profound ridge not only of wisdom, experience, hierarchy or age. Where was that leading to? How would it affect our future lessons? Would I be able to concentrate on his drawing classes again?

We would probably spend the rest of the training by making love. Until the exam day. Would I be able to pass it, having in mind where my relationship to my teacher was going?

Was he crying because he already thought about all those implications?

The karma

Without ever finishing that long hug, Stanislaw put his dick close to my balls. He lifted my testicles with his gland, and that felt new and amazing. By then I didn’t know what the perineum was, and that was the spot he stimulated with his hard dick. I thought I was about to faint from the pleasure. He then put it closer and closer to my hole.

I was afraid of everything. Was it going to hurt? Did that mean I was a bottom?

Stanislaw’s look inside my eyes gave me all the answers. The only meaning was we were joining our bodies, our souls and our destinies. It was sex, but it was only that wonderful because it was melting into a deep love.

Apparently that teacher was starting a brand new lesson in my life. More than a lesson, a science.

Little did I know what sex was all about. And I had never been curious about how it would feel being penetrated. Let alone by such a huge dick. Yes, it was painful, but after the first moments of discomfort I felt Stanislaw was spreading inside all the cells of my body. It wasn’t a localised hurt anymore. My whole being was a tunnel filled with his eyes and his essence.

While we looked into each other’s eyes, the craziness of that brutal act of love was growing and growing, much beyond what I could ever expect.

I couldn’t see myself doing this with anybody else. And I didn’t want to imagine Stanislaw doing this to anybody else either.

Paco, I can see it is about karma.

I forgot I was watching a past life. And I wanted to remain there so badly.

Melting inside his grey eyes

Stanislaw climaxed inside me. That past life was long before HIV, so there was anything risky according to my present point of view. In that reincarnation I didn’t know what a condom was.

I could feel his semen dripping out and wetting the sheets beneath me. Even before he pulled out his dick. His eyes were so open in amazement. We started kissing desperately.

When I thought he only had reasons to be happy, he started to cry again. We hugged, and an unknown and uncontrollable energy possessed us both.

Because I did the same moves like he did before. I raised his amazing balls using my gland. It was so sexy to lift his heavy balls. My gland became extremely ticklish by pleasure. He pulled his head backwards in amazement. A second later Stanislaw looked back inside my eyes and I slowly put my dick inside of him. He pressed his eyes closed, I guess it hurt. Also his fists, by pressing them against his chest. That was signalising ache, but once I was deep inside him he opened his eyes back in relief.

As if I completed him. He also breathed relaxed and lowered his shoulders.

Stanislaw was so handsome, especially when he was aching. That strong and young teacher with his grey eyes, his blond short hair, his hairy chest. He was sitting right in front of me. On top of my dick. And he loved me.

Grey eyes

Grey eyes

Wasn’t this a miracle!

Penetrating him gave me a very different pleasure. It didn’t feel like masturbation. That was way more intense, deep. Warm, soft. The sexual perception of my penis took over my whole body. My body felt like a giant penis.

I didn’t need to move my hips or my dick, I could tell rivers of semen filling my head. I knew any slight move would make me cum.

Warm springs

Stanislaw hugged me, with my dick sticked inside the axis of his being. I could also feel his dick pressing against my stomach.

Then I couldn’t help but pushing my dick even deeper in a furious way. He screamed, but I went on. Again, again, riding a desperate horse, I couldn’t stop.

He had never been loud before. His screams where of a virile hurt, as if I was merciless killing a Viking.

And I was breathing anxiously.

I saw the white semen springs hitting his chin. Since I was still ejaculating inside of him I couldn’t understand how it could be possible. I was melting in a bittersweet blend of pleasure, happiness —and panic of the broken heart.

Immediately I saw that what wet his chin and our chests was Stanislaw’s own semen. He ejaculated again. His dick was still hard, wet and pulsing.

He hugged me painfully, as if I had died. I was also in some emotional mood, but couldn’t tell which and why.

We laid down on the bed in an infinite hug. His wet eyes looked deeply wounded. He held me very tight. The fear he was suffering was so strong I could share it.

The fear of loss. Panic of incomprehensible fate.

Stanislaw wasn’t a talkative man. Despite showing intense feelings, they were un-decodable. My young age was no help either. I had to guess them. And I had no clue.

In my current life I didn’t fully understand them either, but I felt where I could start pulling a thread.

I can’t tell exactly when we fell asleep.

Cold morning

The cold of the early morning woke me up. I switched the light off, right beside the Vodka bottle. Stanislaw must have gone for that bottle before we fell asleep. I imagined the empty glasses, tumbled in the shadow the drawing table.

Then I covered Stanislaw’s body with the feather filled comforter.

I guess his sleep was really deep since he extended his heroic arms and feet across the bed, leaving only few space for me. It was clear he used to sleep alone but at that age I didn’t even wonder about such details.

Gay story Stanislaw

Gay story Stanislaw

Stanislaw’s body was so fascinating to me. He was in a strange position, not a boy’s one, not a man’s one. Somewhere in between. I felt tempted to suck his beautiful dick, also to penetrate him, despite he was asleep. I was horny again and I knew we could make love endlessly.

Though I felt a solemn respect and didn’t touch him.

The new dawn

Out the small window I could see a dark orange tone over the rooftops. Some thin and horizontal grey clouds scratched the skies. Light grey, as Stanislaw’s eyes.

The oval mirror reflected that cold light. It looked empty. As if emptiness had been there for ever.

From those colours in the sky, you could guess the day was going to be a dry one. Stanislaw’s tears would compensate the lack of rain.

But the positive side was I was waking up next to him.

My teacher.

Exactly the same feeling of “what’s next” is what I was experiencing when the hypnotist told me we needed a break. Brazilians need either a cold beer or some burning coffee every ten minutes. I chose to be patient. Honestly, I was anxious to be next to Stanislaw waking up that empty morning.

Sebastião the hypnotist was still asking me about that previous life.

The last thing I remembered right before Stanislaw woke up was hearing a distant radio from a neighbour. That narrow street had a stony echo. You could hear people’s steps closely. Also when somebody talked. Maybe because it was strange to hear music I remembered the melody and some words of a Polish song.

Did you really hear music in your regression?

The future inside the past

Sebastião wanted me to check the release date and country of that music, as a scientific way to proof the regression was real. He said many people don’t believe him. On top of that, some of them call him an imposter.

I wasn’t interested in testing the authenticity of that reincarnation. All those emotions it was bringing back to life felt real and genuine. It couldn’t be a suggestion!

I asked Sebastião to immediately go back and see how Stanislaw and me spent our first day together. Too many questions were piling up, as:

Did we start a relationship? Did he help me to pass the entrance exam to the School of Arts? How did our relationship end?

Why was Stanislaw crying whenever he looked inside my eyes?

Though Sebastião took his time. After he finished his “cafezinho”, I insisted.

Can we please go back now and see Stanislaw?

I was painfully missing my teacher inside my current incarnation. He was somebody I really met. His loss was aching.

No. You can’t go back.

I want to see how the story goes on!

You can’t go back.

I felt incredibly frustrated, sad and angry. In other words, broken-hearted.

Sebastião’s tone was calm but determined. I felt he was also more than curious about that reincarnation, so why could’t he help me? After a desperate argument I sort of understood the limits of his job.

I wondered if I could ever find Stanislaw in my current life.

Then Sebastião told me he wanted to introduce me to a Raul guy.

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Sebastião erotic story

Sebastião erotic story: coming soon!

The story goes on

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